Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Butler is 13 Weeks!!

Baby Growth:


Baby Butler is the size of a peach! This is my favorite comparison yet!!


And here is what he/she looks like from the outside! (It looks WAY bigger in person!) A couple people have started calling me out about the “bump” and Jon even had a guy ask him in the gym the other day if I’m expecting. We love to tell people I’m not pregnant when they ask…hahah! Can’t help it- their expressions are hilarious. (We do tell them after we let them sweat it out for a minute.)


My Symptoms: Tuesday was officially 13 weeks! Thursday morning I had my first bout of morning sickness. SO random?!? For weeks 8-11 I was pretty nauseas during the day (afternoons seemed to be the worst), but that went away around week 11…so not sure what this morning was all about. I got super hot and *almost* puked. I stripped my shirt off and sat on the floor in front of the toilet. Jon kept offering to bring me some ginger beer- ummm, no thanks. I just waited it out and it eventually went away.

Weight: Plus 2 this week…Thank you Halloween goodies! I guess that makes 6-7 total?

Gender: Well, Jon finally told me his gut tells him girl- and he thinks she is going to be just like me! (I can’t tell if he means that in a good way or a bad way! haha! ) So far, the general consensus from all of our closest friends and family seems to be girl. We do have a girl name picked out, but cannot think of ANYTHING for a boy! Maybe that’s a sign too?

Maternity Clothes: I’m still wearing normal clothes but have to wear long tank tops and leave them unzipped. I have a couple of Bella bands (thanks, Kristi) and those are coming in quite handy too. Today though I’m just straight rockin’ some yoga pants and you can’t even tell. SUPER comfy! Hands down the way to go in my opinion...I’ll have to get some more!

Movement: Not quite far along enough yet for movement.

Sleep: What a nightmare…I am NOT sleeping well at all! I can’t go to sleep, I don’t stay asleep, and I do not feel rested when I wake up. It’s annoying. I have weird dreams, wake up to pee every few hours, and even though I’m exhausted, I cannot get comfortable OR fall asleep.

I had a friend recommend tart cherry juice- he swears by it! I tried it last night and it didn’t seem to help me fall asleep any quicker, but I’m going to give it a few days. I’m willing to try anything!

Cravings: Apples! Yay for something healthy, huh? I can barely stomach ANY meat right now though. I had a grilled chicken salad for dinner a couple of nights ago and couldn’t make myself get any of the chicken down. I’m adding in some protein shakes and bars to make sure I’m getting enough.

What I miss: Sleeping well. I really enjoy sleeping, so this is making me a little frustrated. I am the type of person who normally can fall asleep anywhere, any time…

Work Outs: I rocked it during week 11, but I think I only worked out once or twice during week 12. I was super exhausted and busy every day, so that translated into NOT working out. I did buy a few pregnancy DVDs though, so maybe I’ll put one of those to use sometime soon.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Jonathan came home from work Wednesday and he told me he has been REALLY thinking about us having a baby and being a little family… and that he is SO EXCITED. It melted my heart! He was so genuine too, and I just KNOW he’s going to be the BEST daddy because he’s the BEST at everything he does!!!  He said something really sweet about us already having so much fun together and having such a strong marriage, and he can’t wait to add a baby into that mix. And then he asked what I’m going to dress him/her up as next year for Halloween. Ha! I did see some super cute ideas from friends who posted pictures of their little ones!

Really though, I know parenting is hard work. I know it’s probably mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting (well, that’s what everyone keeps telling me anyway), yet still one of the most rewarding and awesome experiences life has to offer. I am so thankful I have Big Jon to do this with. We make a really good team and he is SO helpful and involved and thoughtful. I just know that is going to make this whole thing easier…

Questions/Concerns: Other than not sleeping well, my only other concern is my gums. They are super sensitive. I’m brushing and flossing like normal, but I’ve noticed they are just extremely sensitive…there is one place that even hurts?

Goals for next week: I think I need a haircut. My hair is SO long right now (you can’t even tell how long in that picture). I’m thinking something along the lines of this…


Thoughts: I have done MUCH better with my water & Rehydrate this week! I am pretty certain I was dehydrated over the weekend….not cool.  I also started cooking again and I know Jon is enjoying eating real, normal food, at home! I made these chili one night and these another….they’re always a fave and super easy! We went shopping for chairs for our new dining room table and decided to eat out in honor of our last “no kids” Halloween. We’ll probably do tacos (still have lots of deer meat to use up and some Ezekial tortillas) tonight.

(I use whole wheat noodles and low-fat cottage cheese in place of the ricotta.)


Leslie said...

I eat apples all the time too!! Sometimes all I want for dinner are apples and peanut butter. Meat is still grossing me out too....I don't know if I will ever be able to eat red meat again after how sick it makes me now... Hope you feel better!!

Morgan Neal said...

Your hair would be so cute short!!

P!nky said...

Your updates are so much fun to read. You look so cute with the lil bump.

I think you could totally rock the short hair too!

Have a great weekend!

Southern Sass said...

You are soo cute! I have been reading your blog since I started blogging and all your baby updates are exciting even though I don't know you in real life. lol Hope that isn't creepy. I love both of those haircuts btw.

Brittany said...

My gums starting bothering me when I flossed at 15 weeks but they have gotten a lot better this week! There is hope : )

Tara said...

You know the one thing that my MIL used to tell me about pregnancy is not to get your hair cut into something "drastic" because you aren't thinking clearly... and if it doesn't turn out perfect your hormones will make it feel EXTRA awful. Hahah I don't know if thats true or not, but I never got my hair cut during my pregnancy because she scared me so much!! ;)

On the other hand though I think the cut would be awesome on you!

Unknown said...

Yoga pants are part of my go to outfit for work. No one can tell and they are by far my most comfortable outfit.

Amanda Jones said...

I don't know how you feel about OTC meds, but there were several times I took Benadryl to help me go to sleep. It was on my obgyns medicine "safe list" for insomnia. I usually took 2 at a time because one pill just never worked. If you do go the benadryl route, dont let anyone talk you into buying Simply Sleep, Unisom...etc they are the same ingredient as Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and you'll end up paying more for a name brand medicine when you can just get store brand. You'll be lucky if you get any decent sleep from here on out's the brutal truth.

skinnyrunner said...

you guys are so cute! blessings to your little family!

Kara Tate said...

I read somewhere that you can freeze the fish oil supplements & it will slow down the breakdown in you stomach. Supposively this will lessen the occurance of the lovely 'fish burps.'

I love the short cuts. Your hair has been short before & I loved it then.

Stacey C. said...

Hi! I have followed your blog for a short time but have missed a bit as I have not had my normal energy level. We are the exact amount pregnant! So huge Congratulations. It is fun to read about other pregnancies. I am almost inspired to start my own blog :)

Katie said...

You look fab!! :)

Unknown said...

I stumbled across your blog via SkinnyRunner and I am SO glad I did. You are about a month ahead of me (I'm due June 5th) and I love reading your updates and, pregnancy hormones in full force, teared up at the story of you telling your hubs. I...stole...borrowed...your weekly poll (the symptoms, weight, gender, etc) to use on my blog so family and friends can keep up. It will be really nice to read along with someone who is going through the same things, or to know what I've got coming to me within a few weeks :) Best of luck with everything and I'm excited to keep up with you!! My blog is if you want to see how I'm using your poll :)