Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The FASTEST way to improve your circumstances….

Are you unhappy with your job? finances? relationships? physical appearance? spiritual walk?

I am about to “unsubscribe” to quite a few people who are constantly negative and complaining. (I know, I know…here I am complaining and being negative about people who are complaining and negative, right?) Here’s the deal. I am a positive person. I thrive on optimism, positive attitudes, & thankful hearts. I love to laugh & smile, and try to see the best in situations and others. And I like to be around other people who are the same way.  I’m far from perfect and fall short often, but I do try. I really, really do not like to be around someone who is constantly negative and complaining; who is ungrateful; and who is always talking about others.  Most people don’t like to be around people like that, really.


Do you know anyone like that in your life?

Have you ever thought about if YOU are that person???

This is so ridiculous and embarrassing to admit, but I have caught myself trying to only share the negative things going on in my life with some people. These people are so miserable with their own life, that I can’t even make myself be encouraging and I am ashamed to celebrate the good things going on in my life with them. Isn’t that sad? Not only for them, but that I allowed their negativity to rub off on and control my actions too. I can think of 3 people off the top of my head that I have been this way with…


I remember one year I was really miserable with a change at work, and I was NOT pleasant to be around. I had a terrible attitude, and one day when I was praying about the situation, the Lord revealed to me that He wasn’t going to change that situation, but He WOULD change my heart about it if I would allow Him to. I didn’t realize that I was being one of “those people” until I allowed the Lord to dig in and pluck that out of me. 

Let’s just be real. Life will deliver less than desirable circumstances sometimes. We all go through trials…hardships…face obstacles. But ya know what….We also have a CHOICE on how we want to respond to those difficulties.  And that’s what really separates people.


We are SO, SO blessed. We have SO much to be thankful for, and we can either choose to focus on our BLESSINGS, or the things in our life that aren’t going the way we like. Complaining about something is certainly NOT going to change it.

The FASTEST way to change your circumstances is to either DO something to change them, or CHANGE your perspective.


Perspective is SO huge.  It can honestly change your WHOLE life. If you need a new perspective, or if you need change, PRAY about it!! Prayer is such a simple yet POWERFUL solution that we so often forget about….


Does that mean it will be easy? Absolutely not. Like anything else worthwhile, it takes discipline, work, effort, and must become a habit.  It takes a conscious choice and focus to respond positively….


Instead of complaining about your spouse…remember why you married them and be thankful for all the things they DO in your relationship.

Instead of complaining that you never catch a break…be thankful that you woke up another morning in a FREE country where you can have whatever life you’re willing to make for yourself.

Instead of complaining about your body…be thankful for you health & for the things your body allows you to do.

Instead of complaining about your finances…be thankful that your basic needs are met and you have more than most other people dream of having.

I bet most people that probably think of themselves as grateful & thankful, but their attitude, actions, and words reflect the opposite. Sometimes it’s really worth taking a hard look in the mirror and examining your heart. I know when I did that about my job situation a while back, I was disappointed in myself…and I had to choose to make some changes.


We are called to be JOYFUL & THANKFUL no matter our circumstances.


I can’t remember where I heard this recently, but this quote popped in my head this morning. “I am CONVINCED that whatever you focus on in your life, you will get more of. Choose wisely.” I 100% believe that, and it’s sad for the people who make the CHOICE to focus on all the bad & negative rather than the good & blessings….


Believers especially should be positive, joyful, and enjoyable to be around. The love of Christ should draw others to us, and they should see we respond differently than the world when things don’t go our way.


I’m sure we all have about 5 people we’d love to e-mail this to, huh?


Nikki said...

I love this and have way more than 5 people who come to mind to share this with!

Stephanie said...

Needed to hear it this morning!

Anna Catherine said...

Thanks! Good reminder for me today.

Amber said...

I wish more people thought this way. I am CONSTANTLY around negative things...at work especially. Reading blogs that always have negative posts also brings you down. That is one reason why I started my "Motivational Monday" link up. I want to continue to be positive and try to inspire people to be more positive.

Anonymous said...

I needed this today! Yesterday was filled with so much negativity on my part and I woke up this morning with a better outlook. This just keeps that momentum going :)

Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Amen! :-) I feel like the those who always complain also always have drama. . . makes me want to steer clear of them! :-)

Erin said...

Preach on, woman!!! I hate all the negativity that some people seem to ALWAYS dwell on. We all have days like that, but some people just have that LIFESTYLE. It really is sad!

Love your perspective, I'm right there with you. If you're unhappy DO SOMETHING about it. We are the only ones that can change our own circumstances!!

Ashley said...

Wow,that was Awesome! Thanks for sharing! It was such a great reminder! :)

I think it's so easy to slip into the complainer role, and it's so contagious! So you're right, what an awesome example for Christ when we don't.

Love all the quotes and scripture! Especially the Pray as much as you talk about it! ouch! ha! :)

Unknown said...

I could not agree MORE! What you are referring to is a toxic friend and we should make NO time for them. I try to surround myself with positive people who are focused on bettering their lives, situations and selves.
Have a wonderful weekend!