Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby Butler is 12 weeks!

(Actually, he/she is technically 13 weeks today- I’m a week behind! oops!)

Baby Growth:

Baby Butler is the size of a plum!!


My Symptoms: I am feeling so much better as far as the nausea, but I am still extremely fatigued.  I am so ready for that 2nd trimester burst of energy I keep hearing about!! I didn’t have time to notice how tired I was last week really because I was so busy, but when I got home on Friday I CRASHED on the couch at 7:30 and didn’t wake up till the next morning! I had cereal for dinner and there is no telling what poor Jonathan ate…..I left him to fend for himself!  Everyone keeps telling me this is exhaustion is God’s way of preparing me to be a mom. Ha!

I started to feel a little yucky again on Saturday night and am pretty sure I was a little dehyrdated into Sunday & Monday. I’m normally water queen, but I’m having the hardest time getting water in for some reason right now. I started drinking more Rehydrate and trying to increase my water intake…

Weight: I’m up about 4-5 lbs since I found out I was pregnant in August. Haven’t really gained anything in the past few weeks…

Gender: Well, Jon finally told me his gut tells him girl- and he thinks she is going to be just like me! (I can’t tell if he means that in a good way or a bad way! haha! ) So far, the general consensus from all of our closest friends and family seems to be girl. We do have a girl name picked out, but cannot think of ANYTHING for a boy! Maybe that’s a sign too?

Maternity Clothes:  I’m still wearing normal clothes and some are tighter than others. It just depends on what I’m wearing, but I am NOT comfortable in restrictive clothes at all. I change the minute I get home from work every day!

Movement: Nope…so excited for this though! Everyone wants to feel my belly, so I can’t wait till there is actually some movement for them to feel! (I keep telling everyone it’s not really a baby bump yet- it’s just a gut from all the cheez-its and waffles!)

Sleep: I am still not getting enough sleep. I know that…I’m not sleeping very well or going to bed early enough.

Cravings: French onion soup! I ate it 3 times last week! Haha….oh, and smoothies!!!

What I miss: Being TAN! I am so pale.

Work Outs: I rocked it during week 11, but I think I only worked out once or twice during week 12. I was super exhausted and busy every day, so that translated into NOT working out. I did buy a few pregnancy DVDs though, so maybe I’ll put one of those to use sometime soon.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Going out to celebrate Aunt Dana’s birthday with her! And enjoying an incredibly cozy weekend at home. It has been so cold outside, so with the house all warm, Fall candles lit, a spic and span house, and chili in the crockpot, we had such a relaxing weekend. It was awesome!

Questions/Concerns:  None. I guess I shouldn’t even have a place for this on these posts because I never really have any questions or concerns….maybe as we get closer?  I’m pretty set in my ways as far as my plans, but I know I’m not really in control of those either- so I’m just focusing on things we can control. Honestly, our focus right now is on preparing ourselves to be parents more than any baby goodies, a nursery, names, etc. I know the best way to focus on being a good parent is to focus on our marriage and growing in our walks. I feel like all the rest will fall into place.

Goals for next week: Go to bed earlier!! For real this time!

Thoughts: Definitely not trying to rush through anything, and trying to soak in every moment….BUT…I am pretty pumped about 2nd trimester being right around the corner!!


Morgan Neal said...

Its okay. I've eaten it 4 times in a week! It is my favorite. My husband told me I was going to turn into a pot of it! Oh if dreams only came true. Your are going to be the most precious little momma!

Unknown said...

i have never been much into baby posts but i am loving these updates!

Kelly Ford said...

Your idea of preparation is spot on. Looking back now, I wish so badly that I would have been stronger in my walk with the Lord BEFORE having Rhyan. I would be so much farther along in being able to guide her biblically...
I pray that you will continue to focus on these two things, your marriage and walk with the Lord. You are SO right in that everything else will take care of itself!
You're adorable, btw. Start posting some belly progression pics already!

Mama’s Minute said...

We loved the birthday celebration as well! Glad that Baby Butler was a part of it!! Love you!

Jacki Bishop said...

Hi Danielle,

I'm Jacki Bishop in San Jose, CA and started Advocare at 20 weeks. I love your blog. I'm 26 weeks today.
I took everything to my OB/GYN and got the OK. I take Coreplex, MRS, Spark (1 or 2 max), Omegaplex, Fiber Drink, Catalyst (6 capsules), Rehydrate, Calcium plus and Probiotic Restore. I'm feeling super fantastic! My husband and I became Advisors a few weeks ago.
The first trimester was a little rough.. I'm so glad I have Advocare.
God bless you and your growing family!!