Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Advocare 500: Nascar's Newest Fan

We got to spend the weekend with lots of FABULOUS Advocare friends. Advocare people are some of my FAVES....seriously! Everyone is SO genuinely nice, helpful, encouraging, and uplifitng. It's awesome to be around such positive people...and no wonder everyone is like that! It's hands down the BEST company I have ever been a part of. (And I am not exxaggerating...all the people I have met through Advocare have been incredible!)

We started the weekend with dinner with some of our sweet friends, Brandon & Kathy Eiff.  They are on our team and live in Montgomery, AL, and since they were going to the Saturday race, we invited them to spend Friday night with us. I LOVE having people over!!  We were thrilled they brought their ADORABLE little man, Grafton, too. The Eiff's are in the process of adpting a little girl from Russia, and Kathy is going to start blogging very soon, right K? I'll be sure to share that with you all when she gets it up and running.
The next morning I made breakfast, and G-$ loved his blueberries!! Isn't he precious??
We won some tickets from one of the incentives to the Sunday race, so Jon & I went and took our friend Brian. (Laura couldn't go because she was sick, but Brian is an avid Nascar fan, so of course we couldn't let him miss it!)
 Honestly, I've never been a Nsacar fan. I don't think I've ever even watched a race...but Advocare sponsors three drivers as well as the race, so we definitely want to support that. Plus, I love the pink pace car!!
We got the free tickets, and anything that has to do with Advocare people, I'm in!!
I'd been to Atlanta Motor Speedway once before for the Color Run, but it wasn't NEARLY as packed out as it was tis time. We had a tough time finding the Advocare hospitality tent, but as soon as we did we were greeted by lots of sweet, smiling faces.
 We decided to go on one of the pit tours when we first got there...and lemme tell ya, it was H-O-T!!! 
 I was dripping sweat...I'm talking make-up running down my face kinda sweat. Jonathan also pointed out I had some awesome butt sweat going on. I mean, who doesn't love a little butt sweat??
 Check it out....this is my fake smile. It was miserably hot and I just wanted to get back to the tent- in the SHADE!!
 I wanted to go lay in/on the ice sculpture....
 Of course my BFF Dana & her hubby were there....I love that we all get to share our journies together! So fun. And duh, everyone still thinks we're sisters!
 Check out these studs!! Lumpkin Co. boys know what's up when it comes to the TOP nutrition company around....the Nike of nutrition!
 And the beautiful Tanya....She is a fireball & I LOVE it!!!
 We finally went in to the race around 6:45, and thankfully it was MUCH cooler!! The whole beginning part of the race was my favorite! (Eexcept when the fans would boo a driver- it made me feel so bad for them!!)
 The jets flying over were so cool- gave me chills. I forgot to take a picture...
 Now let me tell you, Nascar fans are LOYAL. They are hard core and love their sport! I can definitely appreciate that kind of passion because I'm a pretty passionate person myself, so I liked people watching.
Unfortunately several of the people around us were also big time smokers. I felt like they were lighing cigarettes every 2 minutes. I straight up hid my face in my shirt while people were smoking.  Extreme? I don't know, I just really do not like to breathe in smoke.... (so probably not the smartest to come to a race with gas fumes EVERYWHERE, right?) Plus, I have asthma and sometimes smoke triggers it.
 They were so fast, I couldn't really keep up with what was going on. I tried to look at the scoreboard & pick them out after they zoomed past.
 Check out these cuties! Smart girls with their headphones. We had earplugs (THANK YOU, Casry & Raven Walsh....you were totally right, Big Jon asked for some! Ha!) that helped...Holy moly, it was LOUD!!! I wouldn't care, but I like to ask a lot of questions....especially when I don't know much about a sport. No one could hear anything I was saying, so I just did my best to figure it out.
 Some of our leaders, C.J. & Meleisa Stockel...
 Big Jon's earplugs....
 Haha, this is his "I'm fascinated" face...
 Totally puttin' on....But really, we did leave with a whole new appreciation for the sport and the drivers after seeing it in person. It's definitely INTENSE!!!
Brian LOVED it!!! He knew so much about all the drivers....
My second favorite part was this GORGEOUS sky!!!
Don't you just feel like God's smiling on you when you see beautiful skies like this??
We ended up leaving around 150 laps in because we wanted to avoid traffic, and this chick needed to EAT!! We hit up Steak-N-Shake on the way home because my hubby LOVES it and I know he doesn't get to eat it very often. No worries, I had a grilled chicken salad....(and may or may not have finished off Big Jon's fries....)
We had a GREAT time!! AND got to take advantage of a big sale on Spark since Austin Dillon placed 6th....NICE!!


Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I actually have been to a few races when I was little because my dad loved them. They can be really fun! You look awesome in your black tee!! You two did look like sisters. What a great little weekend.

Lindsay Smith (fellow Advogirl) said...

It was a fantastic Advo weekend! I love ur blk/pink shirt. Very cute.

Emily said...

We are totallly not nascar fans! Z and I were talkin about it and hope since advocare is such a huge company and is getting even bigger that they will start sponsoring other sports as well!

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

They already are! Ask Z if he's heard of a little thing called the Independence Bowl?!?!

They also sponsor a pro soccer team out of Texas!

Denise said...

I saw a sky like that as I left home this morning. It took my breath away and I of course said a little thank you to God for giving me another day.

I've been to NASCAR once here in So Cal, not my choice sport either, but it was nice to be in a company box and be able to escape the sounds/heat whenever I wanted.