Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Funday: Find a Church, Aldi, & Praying for Your Husband

Hello, lovelies!! It's been a while...and I've definitely missed blogging!!  No worries...I'm back in action now!

Let me just start by saying....I LOVE Sundays!!! 

I am so thankful for our church especially. If you're not a member somewhere, let me encourage you to get out and find a church body to be a part of (I know that's not correct English....whatever!). It's so important to have that fellowship, worship, encouragement, and accountability.  I know lots of people argue that you don't HAVE to be at church to be a Christian or to be growing in your relationship with the Lord. While I can't argue that, I can remind them of this Scripture:
"Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another--and all the more as you see the Day approaching." -Hebrews 10:25

I also like this article with Scriptural reasons we should attend church:

One of the many reasons I LOVE my church....I am in the BEST Bible study right now!!  Beth Moore's study on James. I am learning SO much, and I have a post on trials and temptations coming soon. You've gotta check it's such important stuff to know.

Anyway, we hit up Panera and Aldi after church to get some of our groceries for the week. 
Have you ever been to an Aldi or do you have one close?? I LOVE it!! They have no fancy signs or packaging or bags...and it saves a TON. Seriously....I have cut my grocery bill by 1/3 by shopping there. I bring my own bags & stock up on produce, frozen fish, canned tuna, and canned veggies. Not one item on my receipt was over $4, and today I only spent around $50. AWESOME deal considering we totally stocked up for the next week and a half or two or more. If you have one around you, you HAVE to check it out! You'll thank me!

Oh, and now my hubby is outside playing in the yard. Seriously, what a handsome man I married!!

It's funny....all the neighbors start coming outside as soon as he takes his shirt off. Wonder why?? :)

Big Jon just made it home from a weekend at the men's retreat.  I missed him like CRAZY for the 2 nights he was gone!!

I spent a lot of time FERVENTLY praying the Lord would speak to him, encourage him, and he would come home totally spiritually refreshed. Ladies, it is SO important to pray for your husbands. This was a great reminder to me that I need to be covering him in prayer DAILY the way I did this past week and weekend. I can't imagine how much more blessed we (especially HE) would be if I was more faithful in that. 

Our men have a BIG job as the spiritual leaders of our home and family. They have a lot of responsibility as the protector, provider, and watchmen. They NEED our love, respect, affirmation, affection, and our PRAYERS.
Happy Sunday!!


Courtney B said...

LOVE your post! So inspiring!
Annnnd you and your man are adorable :)

Morgan Neal said...

Y'all are too cute!!

Lauren said...

This post is so great and so inspiring! You're such a good wifey! :)


Unknown said...

I am a big Aldi fan also!! They have awesome prices and great deals when they do their weekly specials! I am less than 5 minutes from one and it is wonderful!!! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!!

Julie said...

Great reminder. My best friend in her Maid of Honor toast told us to "pray together and for each other." It is easy for me to be selfish in prayer, thinking of myself first and foremost. Thanks for this post!

JPeace said...

You are such a blessing to know!! I thank God everyday for sweet, Christian friendships like yours! Love you, girl! XOXOXO

C Mae said...

We don't have an Aldi now that I am out in the southwest! Totally had one growing up in Il though :) We shop at Costco out there to help cut costs on things we eat a lot of so it pays to buy in bulk! :)

2 sundays ago we finally joined our church officially! (like went into the church office and filled out the paperwork! Serious business!) anyhow, I agree with you! Joining really is the best thing. I used to be one of those former "I don't need to go to church to find god" people but honestly it was just my excuse for having to work on Sundays when waitressing back in the day! :)

Lauren said...

Well said! I loved this post!

Lorena said...

Great post!

I too love studying James. I've been blessed to be under the teaching of Susan Heck who wrote the book, With the Master School of Tested Faith. This is a FANTASTIC study over James. The most in depth, convicting, and encouraging study I've ever been in. You should consider this book!

Anonymous said...

AMEN ~ Great post!

Anonymous said...

You guys are the cutest ever! Someday I hope to be as in love with the LORD and in love with my husband as you are. Keep putting HIM first. :) Thanks for the wonderful example!

Samantha said...

Where do you go to church? A friend of mine goes to a church whose bible study is studying James this week. If it's in the Athens area, I am curious to know if it's the same church! :-)

Unknown said...

Love this post, love Aldi (in the UK) & LOVE God!! So glad I just randomly found this blog, will definitely keep visiting :-)