Monday, March 5, 2012

Let Your INNER BEAUTY Shine!!!

As I grow older (and hopefully wiser), it is really interesting how my thoughts and perspectives change. It amazes me how differently I see things now than when I was younger.

True beauty

One area that has really changed is how I see people’s outward appearance. Now, more than ever, I am seeing that beauty is only skin deep.

True beauty comes from within, and it shines through people who are beautiful on the inside.

true beauty

My mom always told me to “focus on being pretty on the inside,” but I didn’t listen very well. Like most girls/teenagers/women, I have always put a lot of emphasis on my physical appearance because I knew that is what others see and judge. First impression is important, and obviously the first thing people see is your outward appearance. I’m afraid our society is teaching our ladies to be entirely too vain.

More and more I realize that while it is extremely important to take care of yourself , our culture is way too consumed with physical appearance. We are not nearly as concerned with our hearts, our gifts, our personalities, serving, having the fruits of the spirit, and loving others.

I know a young lady who I have always thought was absolutely gorgeous. Really, she is one of the most beautiful girls I know.  I wish I could post her picture on here so you could see what I’m talking about, and I have no doubt you would agree with me. She receives a lot of attention for her looks from her family, friends, and the opposite sex. But she is nasty. She has a terrible attitude, quick tongue, foul mouth, is rude, judgmental, and treats people disrespectfully. I know longer see her as the gorgeous girl I once thought she was. Her inner self completely tarnished her outward appearance in my eyes.

In the same sense, there are several people I know who are probably not considered “attractive” by the rest of society, but are absolutely beautiful because of the people they are. One example of this, a face we all recognize, is Mother Teresa. True beauty.

Jennifer Anniston is one of the most beautiful actresses in my opinion. She is gorgeous! Did you know that according to this article, she spends $20,000 a month just to maintain her physical appearance?? Duh! If we spent that much, we would ALL look that good!

Jennifer Aniston Hair

It is so important for us to teach our young girls what is truly important. I am not saying to discount outward appearance, because I do believe it is important to take care of yourself and look presentable. I like to look nice. . I believe my body is a temple, and it is important to eat healthy, work out, take care of my skin, etc. I like to dress nice and wear cute accessories. I get my hair highlighted, my eyebrows waxed, and have whitened my teeth. But I also have a solid understanding that it is not the most important aspect of me. My looks do not determine my self-worth; I am more than the way I look on the outside.

As ladies, we need to be a better example to our girls. We need to compliment them more on the person they are and good choices they make than the way they look. We need to beware of judging others based on physical appearance and making too many comments (positive or negative) about the way others look. We need to stop being so critical of our own bodies and looks. We need to teach them not to compare themselves to celebrities or models, as we know all about the power of airbrushing & photo editing tools!

We need to spend more time encouraging them to let their inner beauty shine through, and less time worrying about outward appearance.

We need to remind them where they should find their worth and value. We need to teach them that although men might be attracted to them because of their appearance, a REAL man will fall in love with them because of their heart.

Wanna know what I tell my kids at school and my SS girls is the best/fastest way to make yourself better looking??

Smile. Help somebody in need. Use your manners. Be an encourager. Love others.

true beauty...

psalm 139:14

Let your INNER BEAUTY shine through.


P.S. Don’t forget to VOTE!! I’m getting spanked right now. Smile


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Amen sister! :) Love your cute little blog!

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This is a wonderful post!

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Amazing post! So true!