Monday, February 6, 2012

SURPRISE!!!!! Daddy’s 60th Birthday Party

We have been secretly planning a huge birthday bash to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday! I cannot believe we managed to keep it a surprise, but he really had NO CLUE.

My dad is one of the most precious people I know. I’ve said it a million times, but he truly has a heart of gold and is the most loving, giving, and generous man I have ever met. Everyone was so excited and jumped at the chance to help him celebrate.

We told him we were taking “family pictures” at a local country club, but in reality we invited about 150 of his closest friends and family to come celebrate with us.

My sisters and mom & aunt did an excellent job planning and decorating, and we had a huge turnout!  We had a 50’s theme wince he was born in the 50’s and loves that era.

Dad'sBirthday 001Dad'sBirthday 002Dad'sBirthday 003Dad'sBirthday 004

He walked down the hallway to the back banquet hall, and we all opened the curtain to welcome him with a huge SURPRISE, “Happy Birthday,” and cake!!

Dad'sBirthday 012Dad'sBirthday 013Dad'sBirthday 014Dad'sBirthday 017Dad'sBirthday 018Dad'sBirthday 019Dad'sBirthday 021Dad'sBirthday 022Dad'sBirthday 024Dad'sBirthday 025

Daddy was 100% surprised!! His face turned so red- I really think he was shocked!! He mingled & talked to everyone, danced with my mom, watched a dance from all his grandkids, and opened his gifts. Everyone was so good to him…because he deserves it.

Dad'sBirthday 055Dad'sBirthday 057Dad'sBirthday 062Dad'sBirthday 066Dad'sBirthday 067Dad'sBirthday 069Dad'sBirthday 070Dad'sBirthday 079Dad'sBirthday 080

I am so thankful to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and make this such a special day for him. I know he loved every single second seeing old friends and catching up with loved ones. We definitely made some sweet memories!!

Dad'sBirthday 086

Dad with two of his siblings. He was one of ten children, and our family is HUGE!!

Oh, and some of our family friends brought their car for some photo ops! Mama & Daddy both loved it!

Dad'sBirthday 087Dad'sBirthday 091Dad'sBirthday 092

P.S. I really feel like Big Jon & I missed our era! We fit right in!!

Dad'sBirthday 105Dad'sBirthday 097

danielle and jon

Here are a few more of the pictures from the day:

What a fabulous day!!! Thank you all who helped make it so special.


Lindsey Peterson said...

That is so fun!!! Love the pink 50's glasses!

Lauren said...

You guys are so cute! Looks like so much fun!!! :)


TexanCouture said...

Cute party idea! I hope your dad had a great time!

Jamie said...

Awww surprise parties are the best! Glad y'all had a fun time!

Emily said...

That last picture is adorable!!!! I adore both of your sweet parents!