Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Post- Race Recap…

We were back at the hotel (after the race) by lunch and Crissy hopped in the shower first while Gomer (that’s Lori’s nickname) rolled her leg. I sat on the floor and started to feel a little nauseas, so Crissy hurried and let me get into the bathroom. I was next in line for the shower but could barely stand it because I was cut up and chaffed everywhere! I must have done an awful job applying Body Glide….I blame it on the 4 am wake up time.

Check out my war wounds….They are everywhere!!! I’m sure Big Jon was thrilled to have his scabby, blister covered, limping wife return home.

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After the shower we headed down to have lunch in our hotel, but I couldn’t quite shake the nauseas feeling. I went down anyway, but there was no way I could eat. I ended up heading back to the room before the food even came out.  We decided I probably had too many electrolytes in my system and had to get them all out. I stayed in the bathroom off and on and slept (you were right, Kim…..big nap!) for a good 3 hours or so. The girls walked to a Walgreen’s up the street and got me some Pepto. It made me feel better almost immediately!

Thank goodness. That was an AWFUL 3- 4 hours. I was beginning to wonder if I’d caught a bug or something.  I called Jonathan almost in tears because I felt like dump and was so miserable.

FINALLY after feeling better, we decided to hang out in the lobby for a while before heading to dinner. 

Miami 063Miami 065Miami 067Miami 070

We were all craving Mexican, so they told us to check out Rosa Mexicana.  We took a cab there…And it was way fancier than expected. We were underdressed and didn’t particularly enjoy the gourmet Mexican food. We really just wanted some cheese dip!!

Miami 073Miami 074Miami 072miamiiiii 053

We weren’t too sore from the race (our feet were hurting, but that was our only complaint….I had blister issues & Gomer had sore toenails), so we decided to walk the 15 blocks back to our hotel.  Only after I got some ice cream though.  of course we capitalized on some photo ops during the walk back.

Miami 076

I know it looks like I just got engaged and we are both super excited about it, but really I just spilled ice cream on my shirt.  Crissy was pointing at it and I was trying to cover it up. Haha!!

 Miami 077Miami 078Miami 079Miami 080

We headed back to the hotel for our last night of sleep in South Beach!!  We finally got in bed by 11…..way later than our two previous nights. I know, we are some party animals!!!  Really though, there is nothing like post-race sleep!!


Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

OMG woman. You sure are a trooper! Great recaps of everything. I am glad you mad it through and did it. You should be so proud. I bet seeing Big Jon brought such a happy feeling in your heart. Hope you flaunt that medal some place awesome!! You are a true example of inspiration. Your future kids have such a badass mama!! hehe

C Mae said...

Those are some major rub marks! Ouch!

Kelly Ford said...

SO proud of you and for you! WOOOOHOO!