Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last Day & Headin’ Home FIRST CLASS….

We slept in Monday morning and it was so nice! We woke up and started packing up to go home. Crissy is super organized and a has a touch of OCD, so she stayed on poor Gomer about having her stuff everywhere. Lori just wanted to get wild since she was on vacay!!  I’m a mix of the two, so I played referee.

Miami 081Miami 084

We got ready and headed to the beach to soak up some sunshine before heading back to the 35 degree weather in Atl.

Miami 101Miami 110Miami 115

Miami 120Miami 122Miami 123

Miami 131Miami 143Miami 146

Miami 151Miami 152Miami 160Miami 161

We freshened up in the hotel lobby, then headed down to the main strip on Ocean Dr. to eat lunch.

Miami 168Miami 171Miami 173Miami 175

Lunch was delicious, and I loved Ocean Drive. People were roller blading, skate boarding, and riding segways all over the place. I’m not sure if everyone is tourist, but it was hoppin’ for a Monday afternoon! Do people in Miami even work??

The twins…

Miami 177

It was windy, so I had to sit by the fire to keep warm.Miami 178

Airport ready!!

Miami 179Miami 180Miami 182

And guess what….we got bumped to FIRST CLASS for the flight home!!

miami 248miami 245miami 246

Check out all that leg room!!

Funny story for the people who know me well enough to know what the sleepies are….

I had them out on my lap so I could take a nap on the way home. The flight attendant walked by and looked at them and me, half confused and half disgusted, and said “Would you like a bag for those?” Hahhahah!!! I was trying my best not to bust out laughing. I said, “No, I believe I’ll just hold onto them….thanks.”

Smooth flight. (SO much better than last time I flew back home out of the Miami airport!!)  We were the first to get our bags from baggage claim, and quickly headed home.  I was SO EXCITED to see my boo! I loved Miami, had a blast with the girls, and enjoyed the race, but nothing compares to being HOME.SWEET.HOME with Big Jon.

Maybe we’ll run Miami again if we’re not knocked up this time next year…

Back to reality…


Kae said...

Sounds like a great trip!
Lucky duck getting bumped to first class@

C Mae said...

I've never flown first class. Is it REALLY all that and more?

jessica said...

I have never flown first class. I always get jealous whenever I fly internationally on airlines like Singapore air where people get their own cabins, with a bed and flat screen and everything. I mean really, THAT is the way to fly. But, I think the price is like 12k. RIDICULOUS! Lucky girl to get bumped up!