Sunday, February 19, 2012

Health Quotes from Doctors & WHY Eat Salad!

There is an article in this month's Self Magazine that has and interview with the doctors from the show The Doctors
My favorite was question # 5, which asked "What do you wish people knew about their health?"  Here are the answers:

**"Being healthy has to be a lifelong habit. It encompasses so much more than going to your doctor once a year. If you eat healthy, exercise, an decrease stress, you're going to feel good about yourself." -Dr. Masterson

**"You don't have to go to medical school to be in charge of your health. Know your history and your body. Treat it like a machine you want to run forever." - Dr. Ordon

**"If you eat well, you're healthier. You perform better at school, work, and athletics. You have better skin, eyesight, energy and attention, and less chronic illness. You also feel better on a day to day basis. I eat well because I love feeling 10 years younger. Who wouldn't?!" - Dr. Sears

**"You have control. If 30 percent of what happens to our health is genetics, then 70 percent is determined by the choices we make." -Dr. Stork

So true!!!

Here's another tip from Men's Health Magazine explaining WHY we should eat our greens!!  According to researchers at Penn State University, if you add a salad to your entree, you'll consumer 11% fewer calories than when your meals don't include green. Eating a salad increases satiety levels without packing on calories.

Works for me...

Hope you've had an awesome weekend!!


Mama’s Minute said...

Nothing quite like a fresh salad! The avocados in that picture are calling my name. At least they are a good fat!! :)

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Love this post! I was just trying to explain to one of my friends that I wanted a salad for lunch with her today and she doesn't get it. Maybe I should send her this link!! :)

C Mae said...

I'm a big salad eater. My downfall is ranch dressing :( whoops. I don't drench it in it, but I get tired of always having to choose Italian or something lighter of the sort..

Kim Harner said...

Thanks Danielle! As you know I'm getting into shape! Treating my body right, eating good, and exercising on a daily basis! I have been feeling so much better lately! Thanks for this!