Friday, January 13, 2012

Milkshake, Beard, & “REAL” Fitness on Pinterest…

Last Friday we went to visit out sweet lil guy and didn’t end up leaving the hospital till really late (because we may or may not have gotten lost on our way to the hospital, in the parking deck, and yet again in the actual hospital!). Steak-N-Shake was about the only place open, so I opted for a cheeseburger & shake for my 11 pm supper. Nice, huh? I haven’t had a cheeseburger or a milkshake in about 10 years or so….fo real. It made me feel SO yucky and totally reminded me why I eat healthy. I know I talk about healthy eating all the time, and I am typically really good about it….I figured I’d be okay just this once since I was running 20 miles the next morning.

j 005

{Whip cream is SO gross to me! Yuck…}

Speaking of running…I am finally in the tapering phase and am only 2 weeks out from Miami!! My nerves are starting to kick in….whew!!  I am super pumped to show off my suh-weet suuuuper pale, carb loaded (AKA fake baby bump) self in a bikini on the beach to all the Miamians!! I hope they’re ready because it’s gonna be serious business. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you from having to look at a picture of “all that”….

Oh, and Big Jon forgot to participate in no-shave November, but apparently he’s decided to start up his own fad for no-shave January.  It’s only him and him so far, but I’m sure it’ll catch on.  I don’t mind facial hair, but I could do without the side of mayo he’s unknowingly rockin’ in his beard.

j 006

By the way…I have a little rant here.  You know how when you type “fitness” into the search bar of Pinterest to look up motivational quotes, inspirational pictures, and some kick butt at-home workouts (which it does have some awesome ones!)???….It always pops up with these half naked girls with smokin’ bodies looking like rock stars??  I mean, WHO are these girls?? That is NOT real life.  Unless you have killer genetics, you do not work out that hard and look like that when you leave.  Am I right??

Maybe we should post MY post-workout pics to Pinterest. I guess it may not have the same motivational factor, but just being honest here, I ALWAYS leave the gym with NO makeup, an awesome slicked back pony tail that takes some talent to achieve, and of course soaking wet.  I mean dripping….to the point that I can “ring out” my ponytail. True story, I’ve showed my friends. And that, my friends, is “REAL” fitness.

j 014

{No, that is not a dark grey bib I’m wearing….thanks for asking.}

P.S. On a serious note, our little man, Brock, still has inflammation around his spinal cord and is in a lot of pain.  He is back in the hospital for the next 5 days to receive steroid treatments.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers…I know his mom & dad hate seeing their baby so sick.

j 003

Happy Friday!!!!!


californiadreamin said...

You are motivation in sneakers, girl! Am so in the same sweat boat when it comes to how we leave the gym. I can never go anywhere afterwards cause I am one sweaty wet mess!

Anonymous said...

amen!! my shirt ALWAYS turns a new color from all the sweat and my ponytail doesnt even have to be wetted to shower, its already soaking and ready for shampoo!

im glad that little boy is doing well!

Style, Decor & More said...

Prayers going out to your son and your family!
I just found your blog on Pinterest.

Unknown said...

I agreeeeeee..... That's the problem with ladies in America, we think we should look like that even though those women are fitness models that spend their whole day doing that...

Maggie said...

When I see girls leaving the gym with make up on, perfect hair and no signs of perspiration, I remind myself that they just aren't training hard enough!! Ha! trust me girlfriend, I look A LOT rougher than you do after your runs! bahaha.

PS - I HATE whipped cream are not alone!

PPS - Sending my prayers to the little one <3

C Mae said...

Girl you said it!!! Those pictures are a little more annoying than helpful...Sometimes I feel like I am looking ads for anorexia which kinda bugs me too.

Savannah said...

I am so with you about the real fitness thing. I am a sweater and look like a hot mess after any work-out. And "fit" isn't only bone thin. Have a GREAT weekend!!

Mrs. Chris said...

AMEN SISTER on the pinterest fitness pics! I just started reading your blog and I'm lovin' it!! Write on sister, write on!


Christy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with hair I can wring out. Especially after AZ summer runs...oh dear. Good luck in Miami!