Tuesday, January 24, 2012

At- Home Workouts

The gym is not always an option, but you can still get a kick butt workout at home.  Here are some at-home workouts I love….


Youtube is a great resource.  You can search for at home workouts, at home workouts for women, workouts for women without equipment, or search for workouts to target specific areas.  One of my faves is the World's Fastest 4 Minute Workout.  I can do anything for four minutes….and if I’m feeling wild, I’ll repeat it 2-3 times.

Bodyrock.tv posts free workouts all the time.  They are short but intense workouts, and they get the job done.

I-Phone Apps:

There are TONS of apps on the i-phone that create workouts for you. One of my faves is GAIN Fitness.  It’s free and creates workouts for you based on intensity level, experience with working out, and body areas you’d like to work. The Nike Training Center is fre and the P90X app ($5) is also good.


Insanity (expensive and SUPER intense, but the BEST workout….what I used to get in shape for my wedding) is AWESOME.

Jillian Michaels Yoga (less than $10 on Amazon) is another fave. I have only completed level 1 and it still leaves me sore every time!


There are TONS of workouts on Pinterest.  All of these get your heart rate up and burn fat. Here are a few of my faves….

Yikes....HARD!!!Fitness At HomeBurn 100 calories RIGHT now.5 x 50It works! here is a video so you can see the form for each move http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AimPOSXe7n4&feature;=player_embeddedThe 100 Workout! Cardio + Toning

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With all the free resources available that can be done in the comfort of you own home at your convenience, there are no more excuses. And really, it doesn’t matter so much WHAT you’re doing, as long as you get moving.  Like Nike says….JUST DO IT!!!


fancy nancy said...

In order to balance my hubby getting ready for a show and wanting to add more weight work into my life, I have embraced doing workouts at home. My only struggle is sometimes the weights are too light. I suppose I need a weight rack!

Erin said...

That "Worlds Fastest Workout" had me laying flat on my back dead when I was done. Clearly I came back to life, but WOW is that workout humbling!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

So true!! Have you seen "Blogilates" She's awesome.

J and A said...

Love this post. I do all my workouts at home so totally agree. LOVE insanity. Oh Shawn T. :)

Catherine McEver said...

Thanks for putting all of this together in one place! I get so lost and don't know what to look for and I love knowing what others are doing.
Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Netflix too! I do the 10 Minute Kickboxing Boot Camp that is on there, it is way awesome! They quite a few workout videos on there, intstant play and then mailed out also. :o)

Lauren said...

I love hearing your advice on health and exercise! I find it super encouraging! and it always leaves me wanting to try new things. Thanks D :)