Friday, July 15, 2011

Food for Thought Friday: Lovin' My Legs!

I missed What I'm Lovin' Wednesday, but I am just absolutely lovin' something today and I have to blog about it! Some people probably thought "wow, conceited!" when they read this blog post title, but that's not it at all.  I have always hated the way my legs look. Thank you, genetics. I can remember being as young as 7th grade and talking about how much I disliked my legs. Despite the hundreds of lunges, squats, and calf raises, they have always been my worst physical feature.  I think pretty legs are one of the best features to have, and I've always envied others with naturally thin & toned legs. But I had a revelation today while I was running (in the rain at the beach!).  My legs are AWESOME!!  Just this week they have helped me run 20 miles.  I just got back from running for 75 minutes straight, and I know a lot of people with gorgeous legs that couldn't tackle anything like that.  In 16 more weeks, these legs will take me on a 26.2 mile run in Savannah (yay for accomplishing one of my goals for 2011)! And not to mention, these legs walked me down the aisle nine months ago to marry the love of my life!  So today, I can honestly say, I LOVE my legs.

I wanted to share this today because I know there are women that really dislike something about themselves.  I know, because I'm one of them, and today I realized that we need to change our perspective. God gave us our bodies for function, not beauty, and that is how we should look at them. What they're able to do for us is what makes them beautiful.  So, if you're stomach is not as flat as it used to be, think about the babies you were able to carry (or one day will) I in the tummy. There are lots more examples, but you already know what you dislike about yourself, and if you stop for just a minute, I bet you can name a million things that body part has allowed you to do.

And now I'm going to stretch these legs I'm loving so much....

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Chels said...

Wow... That is such a good 'word'! It is so easy to be critical of our bodies, but NOT easy to be happy with what our Creator gave us!
I'm gonna try to take the road less traveled and be content and happy with the body that I have.
Thank you D for sharing this revelation today! Love you!