Monday, June 27, 2011

Viva La Mexico: Dia UNO!!

It's hard to put into words how much we enjoy our vacations with the Doss's (Did you know that is correct grammar now for making a word that ends in an "s" plural? Thank you for teaching me that, Mrs. Doss!). They are just the BEST couple, and we always look forward to spending time with them. We truly have a special bond, and we cherish all of our laughs and memories with them. It's so neat to have a couple that you really love and share similar interests with, and the cool thing is not only are Dana & I BFF's, but the boys adore each other too. In fact, they even had "friendship bracelets" by the time the trip was over. Dana, how did we neglect to get a pic of that? Haha!! We had the time of our lives with them at the cottage and didn't know if we'd ever be able to top that experience.  But we definitely did in MEXICO!!!!! 

Dana and I had been racking our brains a few months back trying to decide where we wanted to go for our couple's summer getaway...and we decided on the beautiful Now Sapphire Resort in Riviera Maya outside of Cancun. We headed out the Friday morning after VBS.  My big bro, Michael, is the man, and drove us to the airport at 5:30 am. We flew from ATL to Miami first. Dana almost didn't make it on the plane...thankfully the flight attendant let me go search for her in the airport restroom after calling her name of the intercom several times. Hehe! That week I was fighting a sinus infection and ear infection (yes, 2 more shots and an antibiotic- awesome!), and it honestly felt like I was bleeding out of my ears when we were descending.  It was AWFUL!! I tried not to be a baby, but I really wanted to cry. Nothing helped....not gum, sleeping, yawning, blowing my nose, NOTHING.  Jon googled it for me when we landed and we found out that doctors really recommend for people to NOT fly if they have a sinus infection. Agreed!  Here are some of our airport pics! (P.S. It is fabulous to travel with a photographer....both of us LOVE pictures and people don't know what to think when we both whip out our heavy duty cameras and start snapping pics of everything! Ha!)
Our men got us coffee while we waited for our plane.
Ryno got a deal on theirs.... :)
 Going through customs with this cool guy.
The Dossinator got a red light & had to get searched!!
                 Once we landed in Cancun, we headed straight to the resort via the Apple bus. All of the drivers, workers, tour guides, etc. were hilarious & kept us laughing with their 'yokes.'
The resort was just as beautiful as it is in the pictures!!  We were glad because sometimes you can't really tell, but it was one of the prettiest places I've been.  JonJon & I have been so incredibly  busy that we were REALLY looking forward to this spend time with some of our favorite people & to just RELAX and enjoy each other! 

Ryan and Dana headed straight to the pool while the hubby & I did what we do best- took a nap! We did join them around 4:30 or 5 and swam for a few hours. We swam for awhile and enjoyed the people watching...there were certainly some characters!!  We decided to have dinner at the surf & turf restaurant, so we headed home to get ready. The Doss's picked us up for dinner at our door, which had this Honeymoon banner on it! Cool, huh? We felt like honeymooners for sure!
Dinner was delicious, but I enjoyed the company more.....the songs, the stories, practicing our espanol, you know. 
Sweet Dana.
Mi amor! What a hoot. He really is so hot he can wear anything and look good, but his unbuttoned shirt & chest hair look was crackin me up. I let him get away with it cuz it was a little hot in Mexico for dress clothes and my poor babe was sweating. What a stud!
After dinner we enjoyed listening to the live band, but headed to bed pretty early to rest up and enjoy the next day.  That's one great thing about vacay- finally getting enough sleep!  We were tired from all the traveling and looking forward to a fun week ahead!

Check out Dana's version of dia uno here!!

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