Monday, June 27, 2011

Viva La Mexico: Dia DOS!!

After a great night's sleep, we enjoyed breakfast with our friends and lots more laughs. We enjoyed the waiters- they were all so funny & friendly.  After breakfast we headed back to the room for a nap & then met our friends for a day at the pool.
We had lunch at the buffet around 3 and then back to the pool for some sun.  I typically tan pretty well and am avid about sunblock (Jon is too now....he learned his lesson from thinking his "indian skin" doesn't burn when he had to spend one of our beach trips under an umbrella the entire time! haha!!) but I got burnt every day on my shoulders. Stupid antibiotic. 

 The crew spent the whole day preparing for a big buffet and water show, so the four of us decided to take advantage of it. We weren't as impressed with the food or show, but it was hilarious to Dana & I that all the male synchronized swimmers were checking out our honeys (but didn't even look up when we walked by)!! We enjoyed making friends at dinner and hearing how many states and countries were represented at this resort. There were several weddings taking place, a few honeymooners, some family vacationers, and some students on their senior trip. It was not as quiet as our honeymoon, but it definitely made for some GREAT people watching.
The hot Doss couple!
Beautiful Mexican beaches...
Does it get old that I always talk about how hot my husband it? Ha, I don't care- he IS! Especially in his glasses....whew!
 Of course we loved talking more with our friends after dinner....our boys really are little 'yokesters.' We all just laugh & laugh!
Our espanol was picking up already!!  Almost fluent! :) We headed back to the room for another great night's sleep....that Mexican sun really drained us!

And here is Mrs. Dana's dia dos!!

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