Monday, June 27, 2011

Sneak Peek of Laura's Wedding

Don't worry, I have a whole post to come, but here are just a few pictures of Laura's special day. I am BEYOND jealous that Laura got to snag Dana @ Memories Happen Photography as her photographer.  She was my matron of honor, so I thought that might be a little too much for her to handle. :) 
(P.S. Jon said he almost called mistook Dana for me a couple times at the reception....even though he KNEW I wasn't wearing black! Crazy!)

I know you're excited to check out these killer shots! Laura is like a model!

First Look!
Love this! Isn't it stunning? That blue wall rocks.
My picture idea.
Groomsmen. Funny boys.
It was just 9 months ago that Jonathan & I were at that same alter saying our vows.
Goodness, I love this man!
 So honored to be a part of the special day. Stay tuned for her wedding blog post! :) (And Chelsi's! I'm still waiting on pictures!)


Rissy said...

your hair looks so stinkin' cute that length

and the dress is amazing on you!


Kelly Ford said...

That dress looks amazing on her! And your bridesmaids dress is STUNNING! I love the color! Great pics!

And boy, are you catching up on some blogging! I was getting worried, but you're giving me plenty of reading material now :-)