Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where have I been??

I have been MIA for a few days...

We closed on our house last Thursday!!  We had two Relay for Life talent shows at school that Thursday evening (I was in a skit and the emcee) so we didn't get home till around 9:30. The next night we worked some in the house, but our gas wasn't turned on yet so we stayed the night at my parents.  I had school (class for my Specialist's in TN) Saturday morning, so I woke up around 4:45 am and headed that way. I returned home around 4 pm and took a much needed nap in my new bed while Jon and his dad worked around the house. We had dinner with my parents at Texas Roadhouse and worked some more in the house. We ended up staying the night with my parents again because we didn't have our church clothes. 

After church on Sunday we headed to Dahlonega for LAURA'S first bridal shower!! YAY!! It was such a great turnout and she really liked the gift I got her- score!  We headed home around 5:30 and worked some more on the house. My sister and parents came over and were a major help getting the kitchen together for me.  I'm so thankful for the help of our friends and family!!

I started to feel bad on Sunday afternoon so I took Monday off work. I'm pretty certain I have a sinus infection. :( Oh well....it was nice to be able to spend the entire day yesterday shopping with my mom. She has GREAT taste and I enjoyed spending time with her. I was finally able to use many of the gift cards from our wedding, and of course I had to hit up Costco to get us going with all the necessities.  Still, it was exhausting, and Jon and I got another load from my parents' house last night at around 10. We haven't been in bed before 12:30 for the past week. I know that's not that bad, but we have been moving, lifting, unpacking, more lifting, and still waking up normal time for work and church. We are both incredibly exhausted. 

This week has made me appreciate my amazing husband even more! He has been such a trooper.  And who knew we had this much stuff? We have already taken about 6 or 7 BIG trailer loads!!

Sunday night was our first night in the new house. It feels like home already.

So, here I am....
Exhausted, sick, and just absolutely worn down... but beyond EXCITED about our new home!!!!! It is turning out BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to post pictures....we're getting there!  Of course there's still a lot to do, but I am TRYING (super hard for me- I'm an ALL or nothing person and I like everything to be done immediately!) to do little by little.  And of course, I can't wait to get back to blogging!! Is that sad that I miss it?? Haha! Writing is my outlet...and blogging makes me happy. :)

We are SO blessed.


Emily said...

new bed??????? can i have the old one? :)
I'm trying SO HARD to decorate slowly too, it's so SO difficult! I was actually thinking since you're planning to SLOW DOWN sometime soon, maybe one weekend this summer I can come up and we can do some shopping together for both of our houses? Whatcha think?

Kae said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you and your hubby. I am glad you are back to blogging, I had been m.i.a too! my sisters graduation was this past weekend. Congrats love!

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Em- Not a new bed, just a new foam mattress topper and finally got a headboard & matching furniture!!Can't WAIT for you to see the house!! :) I'd love for you to come up some time. It'll prob have to be July cuz I'm pretty swamped!

Kae- thanks sweet girl! yay for graduations!!

Amanda Jones said...

Glad you've gotten semi-settled in. I can't wait to see photo's :)

Hope you feel better soon!!

Brooke Marler Allen said...

YAY!!! I so remember those days...don't get too stressed and too worn down...it will always be there tomorrow! Good Luck Girl...I'm so excited for you and Jon and can't wait to read all about it and see all the beautiful pictures!!!

Emily said...

I can't WAIT to see it!!!!!!! Bring pics tomorrow!!!! :) I get to see you two weekends in a row yay!
July works better for me too :) We'll figure it out, it'd be SO fun to shop it up together for our new homes (I GOTTA get mine done before this baby comes, I'm sick of blank walls everywhere I look!)