Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Top Go-To Workout Moves

I have been lifting weights & working out for a LONG time now.  From my experience, these are the best TOTAL BODY moves that hit mutiple muscle groups, increase strength, and tone & sculpt.

Pushup variations (pushup jacks, diamonds, regular military style)
 Plank variations (regular, side planks, leg lift planks)
Lunges (front, side, back, walking)
 Squats with Medicine Ball
 RDLs (Russian Dead Lifts)
 Assisted Pull Ups
 Overhead Cable Tricep Extensions
 Reverse Crunches

 Special thanks to Big Jon for documenting my workout with pics.... :)


Kae said...

awesome! I need to start working out again! Great workout!

Danielle Phillips said...

This is a great post and ps...I love you hair!

Rissy said...

I mean this in a completely non-creepy way BUT, you have a great body!

I am starting a new workout regimen tomorrow and am really excited to start doing more strength training!

I love love love planks!


Jamie said...

You go girl! I need some of your motivation!

Mama’s Minute said...

I love my workout rockstar! :)

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Thank you sweet girls!! :)Unfortunately I have to work out hard or I'll be huge....haha!