Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I seriously feel like a celeb that Jamie even commented on my blog!! (haha, she commented on everyone's, so I'm really not special.)  Her linkup was full today....isn't it awesome that these have become so popular?? I really need this WILW today, as I am feeling a little ill & tired. (We are putting in an extra hour at work every day for the next two and a half weeks to help make up time from the week of snow back in Jan- yuck!)  I'm a big believer in changing your perspective by focusing on the positive, so here we go!!

I'm LOVIN' that I only have 5 more Mondays (with kids, one of post planning) at work!! YAYYYY for summmmmer!! :)

I'm LOVIN' that after this Saturday's class, I will only have 5 more classes until I officially have my SPECIALIST'S!! 
I'm LOVIN' that everything is going smoothly with the house stuff, just like we prayed.  Offer was accepted, we were approved by the bank for the loan, and the inspection went good.  Now we're just waiting on the appraisal, and DUH it will def appraise for more than list price.  So we should be golden.
I'm LOVIN' that I am teaching on insecurity tonight to the's obviously been on my heart lately, and I hope the Lord is glorified tonight and this message speaks to the students. I know I was definitely insecure in middle school.

I'm LOVIN' the possibility of a mission trip to China in the future (sorry, Mom) with some friends.  All believers are called to be on mission for Christ, and I think this is such a cool opportunity to share.

I'm LOVIN' that my nephew, Kevin ,started a blog!!!  What a great way to document his college years.  AND I'm LOVIN' that my friend Becky started one too! I just love blogging & love to keep up with others lives through theirs, too.

I'm LOVIN' that Taylor, Claire, Chelsi, & Laura's weddings are all right around the corner!! I just love wedding fun!

And I'm LOVIN' that my handsome hubby is getting a haircut today. I can't wait to see him!!!
Oh, and speaking of FAMOUS, I'm LOVIN' that the Nester stopped by my blog to help me with my couch dilemma.  She is my FAVE!!!  And definitely my decorating inspiration.  Check out her opinion:

Hey Rainey,
stopped by your blog, and what a great problem!  I think both options are great~IF you go for leather, I would really try to get REAL leather, at least on the parts that get wear, it will hold up much better. We have had both leather and white sofas and I LOVE them both, love them mixed too--we have a leather chair next to our white slipcovered sofa. As long as you can wash the slipcovers, they are super easy~and I have a dog and husband and 3 boys.

Also, if you go for leather, I would look for not a LARGE scale {sometimes hard to find in leather} I think a traditional cut will look better over time. Our last leather sofa felt like a volkswagon parked in our room.

it's gonna be great!
The Nester

It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Happy Wednesday, my friends!!! :) Blessings to you and yours.


Nikki said...

I love the outside of your house!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along, girl! I love following your cute blog :)

I love countdowns...we have six more Mondays until summer break! Yay!

Emily said...

don't you feel so special getting a comment from Jamie?!?! I was SUPER stoaked last week and just mildly disappointed when I realized she did that to everyone hahaha

Living Our Love Song said...

Girl, I totally relate to the mission field calling! A girlfriend and I are considering a trip to Zambia this summer to host a teachers conference and work with kids. We are still figuring it all out! Praying for you and your decision!

Kae said...

Hehe I felt special too about getting a comment from Jamie! :)

I will pray for you that the house goes through, I know GOD will put it into your hands..he is AMAZING that way (and every way)

Oh I love that you are teaching on insecurity. Wish I could have heard that especially was a negative day for me, so I am trying to get back to positive!

And lastly....I read your blog below too...WHITE COUCH. it reminds me of the beach which is my favorite, and my parents have leather couches, and they do get scratched easily... boo!

Hope you have had a great night! :)

Kae-barefeet. :)