Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm LOVIN' Wednesday

Get ready, friends! I've got lots of LOVIN' goin on today!!! 

I'm LOVIN' that yesterday was our last day of the extra hour!! Finally, back to a normal 8 hour work day!! I feel like this guy...
I'm LOVIN' that there are only 3 more Mondays with students....yay for summer!
I'm LOVIN' that Chels is getting married in just a few short weeks. She will make such a beautiful bride!
I'm LOVIN' that I get to take some sweet girls to an all- girls night of worship this Friday!
I'm LOVIN' that Tay & Jordy are finally tying the knot this weekend!! She will be a GORGEOUS bride too! And I get to see old friends...yay!
I'm LOVIN' that I gave up pitching lessons for awhile...I needed a break! (Yep, that's me!)
I'm LOVIN' that tonight's theme is GEEK night for the youth! I have a stellar outfit in the works! (Check out my inspiration!) OH, adn my HUBBY is speaking!!!! I can't WAIT to hear his message. He's been working really hard on it. :)
I'm LOVIN' that we close on our house in 2 weeks!! AHHHH!!! This bad boy will be ALLL ours!
I'm LOVIN' that I started a new birth control...hope it makes me a little more normal!
Speakin of, I'm LOVIN' that I'm out of my little mood funk!  Whew....that was weird!
I'm LOVIN' that we have CRCT testing this week...which gives me time to get caught up on some work for my Specialist's!
I'm LOVIN' that Laura & Brian had their engagement photo shoot with the fabulous Dana!!
I'm LOVIN' that I added some fun little tabs to my blog so you can get to know me & my hubby a little better! :)
I'm LOVIN' that Emily & Zach picked my nickname to call baby # 2 until he/SHE arrives!! :) And Emily was sweet enough to hook me up with a gift card to Pier 1 for being the winner! SCORE!!
I'm LOVIN' that Rach blogged about her award!
And I'm LOVIN' my sweet, precious hubby, who loves me even in my weird mood funk!!!! 
If he can deal with "hormonal Danielle to the max," he can truly conquer anything!!
 Have a blessed Wednesday, sweet friends! :)


Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Lots to love! Totally jealous of your 3 more Mondays, we have 6!!!

Katie said...

Your blog caught my eye on the WILW link-up because we have the same blog name! Your blog is so cute, and your new house is beautiful! :)

Heather Ward said...

I hear you w/ the BC and moods! Your new house is super cute! Congrats!

Emily said...

Sooo how didcha do the tabs at the top?? I've tried to figure it out before and couldn't! teach me ms. teacher ;) I'm lovin the nickname you picked out too!

Kit said...

Great things you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tami said...

Congats on your upcoming closing. Your new house is gorgeous!

Kae said...

Oh I love all the things you are loving! So excited about your vacation too in your blog above! I love that you added the tabs above. I have been trying to figure out how to do that for weeks (yes I'm not that blog savy) I forgot if I told you or not, but I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award :) If I told you already I am sorry! My mind has gone a little bit crazy this week! I hope you have a great and blessed day blog buddy! You look so beautiful in all your pictures!

Happy Wednesday!
Kae :)

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

It's SUPER easy! Under posting, click on the "Edit Pages" tab next to the "Edit Posts" tab. :) That simple.

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

You're loving so many great things!

I'm counting down until summer vacay too :)

Kae said...

Thank you for helping me figure that out! :)

Greer's Gossip said...

Love all your pictures and your house is gorgeous!! I am also a teacher, so I can totally relate to that sign! What grade do you teach?