Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, I decided to use one of my big spring break days off to:
 1) finish my practicum (AKA writing 7,000 pages of the most time-consuming project/class ever!) and YAY for that monkey being off my back!  Wowza, I have think I have the beginning stages of carpal tunnel....(and yes, I feel perfectly content blaming it on school rather than blogging, so what...)  Geez, I don't want to go to school anymore.  By the way, I'll have my 3rd college degree after this class....Bachelor's, check! Master's, check! Specialist's, check!  And the exciting part? I'll still make less than many kiddos straight out of college.  But, I'm not bitter.
2) go to the OBGYN. (is that TMI?)  I mean, is this the most fun day ever or what??  I needed to get my first shot of the Gardisil vaccine (I have two more of these bad boys- the next one in two months, the final one 6 months later), which prevents four strands of HPV that can lead to cervical cancer. I have put this off as long as possible, as you can only have the vaccine up to age 26, and I'm only going to be 25 a few more months.  I am just absolutely terrified of needles.  TERRIFIED. I always think I'm going to get over my fear of needles between shots, because I think it's silly.  It's embarrassing to me to get so upset, but I am seriously borderline panic attack before I have any run-in with a needle (yes, even the dreaded finger prick....I'm pathetic).  So, I didn't think she was just going to come at me today, but she weighed me, took my blood pressure, and BAM! Popped that bad boy out. When I realized what she was doing, I closed my eyes and started focusing on my breathing.  I was telling myself not to cry because that would seem so over dramatic.  I did warn her that I have a little "needle thing," so she asked me if I wanted her to tell me or just do it.  I told her to just do it.  She asked if it was okay if she gave me the vaccine, and I nodded my head.  She warned me to NOT tense up (which I already know) and that the medicine would make this one hurt.  I started sobbing uncontrollably.....and she did it. Oh.my.goodness. It hurt SO, SO, bad! Of course, I know that the pain is not as bad as my fear allows me to believe. I don't honestly know what my deal is, but I am hoping to get over it before I pop out my four babies.
I also talked to my doctor about birth control. Although I do want four babies, Big Jon and I aren't quite ready yet...And I'm just not that happy with Yaz.  I started taking Yaz when I was about 20 to get control of my adult acne. I stopped taking it for a few months back in 2007, but when my face broke out like crazy, I decided to get back on it.  (I HATE taking it....I am not 100% comfortable putting hormones in my body....I'm sorta a naturalist when it comes to any kind of medicine...I try to avoid at all cost.)  The reason I am not happy with the Yaz is because I have heard major bad things about the side effects, and I have also experienced Melasma, which I have heard from an esthetician is most prominent in Yaz users.  This is what I learned today at the doctor:
A. All birth controls are supposed to help with acne and skin control, because they make your hormones more consistent.
B. Taking birth control for an extended period of time does NOT cause infertility or make it more difficult to get pregnant.....total misconception.  It can actually prevent some of the issues that cause infertility.
C. Taking birth control consistently for ten or more years can help prevent ovarian and cervical cancer, but can lead to increased risk for breast cancer (particularly if you smoke).
D. Any birth control can cause me to have Melasma....it depends on how my body reacts.

Oh, by the way, she put me on Aviane.  She said it is a different type of hormone thank I currently take, and a low dose which should result in less harsh side effects.  It's also offered in generic= sweet on the piggy bank.  Does anyone else take that? Thoughts??
My arm is so sore...ouchie!! I'm dreading my June appt already...

Tomorrow I'm getting a massage & facial @ Blue Med Spa, so tomorrow's post will be MUCH happier.  :)


Emily said...

I HATE needles too...I almost pass out when they do the finger prick!!! You CAN totally rock out having kids though :) just go drug free...b/c that also means needle free :)
I think me being on the pill for so long HELPED me get pregnant. My body was regulated so right when I got off the pill I KNEW when to try, when I was late for my period, etc! I also don't like taking it though...they can say all they want but God did NOT make us to have drugs in us everyday like that. It may be "good" in some ways but I'm sure it's BAD in soooo many ways that they don't even realize yet ya know? I did YAZ for a while too..made me NUTS!!!

Brittany said...

I started taking Yaz in May. of 2009 since I was getting married in April. I took it for a year but it made me crazy and hungry ALL day long. I got off of it about 6 months ago and have never felt better!!! I forgot what my "normal" was like!

I love ready your blog by the way : )

Ragan said...

Lol! Did your mom tell you she still holds my hand? It is especially embarrassing for me because I usually get my flu shot when the kids get theirs at the pediatrician. You might be afraid of needles but when you are pregnant it is different. Your mom told me I didn't have to prove anything and she was right! P.S. Love the coat rack! It is very you!!

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Em- i totally agree...i guess that's where i should have enough faith to trust God to give me a bay when he's ready for us to have one, but i really want to enjoy my hubby! and that's what i'm going to do (natural- my mom did it with all 3 of hers) but don't you still have to have an iv?

Brittany- thank you!! i'm pumped to see if i become "normal" again....haha! i'll keep everyone posted. that's a great little icon pic of you, by the way!

ragan- i am not surprised. do you feel embarassed about it? i totally do...i guess you're prob handling it the best of anyone though, considering everyone around you is under the age of 8! ha!!! :)

Kae said...

I am going to look into getting the gardisel shot...and I HATE NEEDLES...I need to do it quickly because I turn 25 in about 2 months..

Also I take Levora...it works really well for the acne part, and is a very low dose. I was on a different one that made my hormones crazy and I felt like I was angry all the time. If you aren't happy with the one you are on check out Levora..and its generic and only like $5 dollars a month! :)