Friday, April 29, 2011

Seriously?!? 2 more shots????

You are not going to believe this.  I have been stressed to the max and totally beyond exhausted for the past few weeks.  If you saw my calendar, combined with the fact that we had to work an extra hour every day for the past 12 days (meaning I didn't even get to LEAVE work most says till 5:30....and I'm a teacher, I have to be here before 8!), and add in the whole house deal, & my Specialist's work, and testing, it makes sense.  Plus, these crazy storms have been interrupting my sleep schedule a bit, so I am just plain run down and worn out!  This made my immune system weaker, resulting in some type of infection. I woke up Monday morning with the whole side of my face and throat hurting. I had a lymph node (gland) swollen directly under my chin on my neck....and I'm telling ya friends, this bad boy is HUGE! It looked/looks like an adam's apple!!  No joke! (I keep making everyone feel it....ha! Be glad you don't have to physically come in contact with me or I'd make you feel it too!) I asked our schoool nurse about it yesterday and she said I needed to go to the doctor ASAP because that gland was HUGE!  So, after my pitching lesson yesterday, I finally finished my day around 5:45 and headed to Quick Care. The doctor asked what was going on, and I let him know I just felt dumpy and had a majorly swollen gland. While feeling my throat on both sides, where most people typically get swollen, he asked me how I knew it was swollen. What? Did he not see this giant mass on my neck?? (Seriously, golf ball size!) So, I moved his hands to the 'adam's apple' and he made a ridiculously disgusted face.  He said that was a strange location and he was worried about it because if it got any larger I wouldn't be able to breathe.  He said he was going to give me two shots- an antibiotic and a steroid- and give me an oral antibiotic as well. He also told me if I wasn't feeling better today I needed to come back immediately. Awesome news!  I almost passed out when I heard him say 2 shots. 
Do we all remember my little needle phobia, right?? YIKES! SO, this is the kicker. I had to lie down on my tummy and get a shot in each butt cheek!! The nurse kept asking me to "stop breathing like that because I might hyperventilate."  Oh goodness, it hurt so bad!! He wouldn't let me stand up right away afterwards either.

I was mortified, on top of freaking out about the shots, because I am a pretty modest person, and this (sorta creepy anyway) male nurse had to see my VS thong, pull my pants down, give me some shots in the booty, and watch my butt flex/tense up after he "poked" it....(as he referred to it).

On top of it all, my antibiotic REALLY stresses the importance of staying out of the sun (extreme sensitivity to sunlight) and even worse, getting pregnant on this antibiotic!! Everyone knows antibiotics decrease the functionality of birth control. about pressure!

What a terrible day!! And just to top it all off, I lost the key to the van I'm supposed to use to drive our youth girls to a "Girls Night of Worship" tonight. Fabulous! Oh, and just for extra fun, I am testing students today & have to read the test aloud!!! :)

I hope your day is better than mine. I need to go back & read my WILW to be reminded of all I'm lovin' and happy about!


Nikki said...

Seriously take some time off girl! My friends daughter was in the hosputal for a week for tge same thing you are dealing with. Her entire neck was swollen and they had to put her on a iv of liquids and antibiotic. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!

Danielle said...

I agree, you need to chill out. At least you have that super nice vaca coming up :) the antibiotic can just make you burn in the sun easer - nothing a little extra sunscreen can't help with. Just be glad you don't have to take oral steroids because those can mess with your mood and sleep patterns. Hope you get better.

Kae said...

Yes you do need some "me" time. I know you are busy, and you sound a lot like me, with wanting stuff done, and feeling like if you take "me" time it will make you behind in everything else, but your body is wore down. And I am so sorry that you had to deal with needles, male nurses, and the doctor who couldn't see the "adam's apple". I would have given you a hug today blog buddy! So there is one being sent to you via Wyoming! I hope you feel better and get some rest!