Friday, April 8, 2011

Our engagement was contagious!!

So, we have recently noticed that almost EVERYONE in our wedding party is now engaged or married!! A few were already married of course. We had 8 bridesmaids & 7 groomsmen....and check this out...
Dana: married!
Chelsi: Engaged to be married May 26th!
Laura: Engaged (to Brian, who was also in the wedding!) to be married June 25th!
Emily: Married!
Taylor: Engaged to be married April 30th!
Katie: Married!
Beth: Engaged & Married!
Chelsea: Married! (to the other Brian, who was also in the wedding!!)
Claire (who sang): Engaged to be married May 21st!
Zack: Engaged to long-time girlfriend, Kate!
Keene: Married!
Michael: Married!
The other 2 groomsmen (the Brians) are listed above with their bridesmaid wives....
So that leaves 2 groomsmen, both of whom have lovely long term girlfriends, and we're expecting for them to pop the question any day now!
Next in line: Daniel & Colette!
Soon to follow: Daniel &Ariel!
Wedding FEVER!!!!


Emily said...

did you see my comments with Beth on Facebook about this?!?! You read my mind! Seriously you're wedding started this crazy wedding rush ;) like the reminder of my wedding day too! love you!

B F said...

That's so neat!!