Friday, April 22, 2011

My Many "Do's"

 So, what's your fave??


Kae said...

Ohhh you changed your background! It threw me off for a quick second :)

You look beautiful in fav would be the one that is blonde and long..:) but like I said..gorgeous in all!

Kae :)

Rissy said...

I love the 3rd pic... you are so pretty it doesn't really matter what your hair looks like though!

I love that you donated to locks of love! I wish my hair was thick enough to ever grow it out that long!


Amanda Jones said...

I like picture #1 and #5! Your hair is so thick and healthy!

Rachael said...

One and three golden blonde super healthy medium length. Love you!

Emily said...

so random but i really like #9!!!! maybe it's just a super awesome pic of you but i like it! i do like it more natural blonde with some brown though too!

Kelly Ford said...

1st and 3rd :-)