Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Heart Sleeping!!!

Sleeping makes my heart so happy. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it is really one of my favorite things to do.  I'm definitely known as a sleepy head in my family....and I get picked on a lot for it.  But I don't mind.  People have said to me before, "Don't you feel like you're missing out?" My answer? "Nope." Haha, pretty simple to me. For as long as I can remember, I have always been a napper. When I was little, all throughout middle and high school, and now more than ever! I would nap after school; in the car before softball games & practices; on any car trip longer than 20 min; just whenever I could sneak one in. I LOVE naps!! When I get home and am walking over to my bed for a nap, my heart starts fluttering like I'm going to Disney World or something....it's just crazy! Hahha, I feel a little silly posting, but whatev- it's just what was on my mind today.

So, I am NOT a morning person, at all. I can take a 3 hour nap and still go to bed at normal time with no problems falling asleep.  I can sleep anywhere! I prefer it to be completely dark & silent, snuggling with my sleepies & my hubby.

What about you??  Are you a sleepy head too??


Rissy said...

hahaha this is so funny! when I didn't have a job I slept for like 12 hours a night... and people made fun of me... but I LOVED it. People made fun of me even more for that!

I wish I could sleep anywhere! that makes me so jealous. I absolutely 100% have to be in a bed.


Jamie said...

Oh me too! I love napping :)

Amanda Jones said...

You are so NOT alone. Hard's mom gets onto me all the time for wanting to take naps and sleeping in, I can't help it - - I LOVE sleep.

Kae said...

Big time! I am a sleeper! I love love love my sleep. Sometimes my boyfriend gets mad because I would rather stay in on a Friday night and watch a movie and sleep then going out for dinner or movie! :) glad i'm not alone!
kae :)
ps I missed blogging and reading your blog the last few days!

Chels said...

This is why we're best friends!! I try to plan my days to make sure I can squeeze in an afternoon nap! When it doesn't happen.... :(

This may be my favorite post so far since it's about one of my favorite things, written by one of my favorite people!!
Love you!