Friday, April 1, 2011

House Update: YAY!

This is not an April Fool's joke.....(by the way, I got all my friends & students at school today telling them I was preggers...haha! SUCKAS!!)

We received the following e-mail today about the house:

"Wanted to let you know we have good news and uncertain news – the offer was approved by both investors (GREAT NEWS!!!); however they are not able to confirm the postponement of the foreclosure as of yet.  They are making us all sweat it out a little longer.  So, I’m told it will be Monday before we could receive the official short sale approval letter.  Stand by for the final word. Sorry – but we are making some sort of progress."

So, we are almost there!!  Say a prayer for us that they do the paperwork in time to postpone the paperwork. Otherwise our home may be auctioned on the courthouse steps for others to buy. We have faith that we'll get it, and WOW, what a great testimony when we do! It's perfect!!!!  (Remember, we've been looking for OVER a year now!)

Enjoy your weekend! The hubs and I are headed to downtown Atlanta to celebrate our 6 month anniversary! Post to come...  :)


Danielle said...

Just wondering - if the paper work isnt through and it does go to auction, would you guys beable to bid on it? Just curious because I am slowly trying to figure out all these housing tips/tricks for buys and sellers

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Hey girl- very smart! learn as much as you can beforehand. we have been looking since last March, & i know it's a "buyer's market", but there are lots of issues to combat (houses with structural damage, wood rot, etc., shady realtors). we COULD bid on it, but we would have to have cash in HAND, and we just can't do that. (meaning already approved, set up with financing & mortgage company for the bidding amount.) short sale is the step before a foreclosure, and it is extemely complicated...lots of paperwork!