Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Zachery & Chloe!!

We celebrated two big birthdays in our family today.  My nephew, Zachery, turned 13!! He's a teenager- ahhh!!  And my niece Chloe turned 4 years old this past week, so we had our family birthday celebrations today.

Zach & his buddies and cousins went to play airsoft and then hit up the Varsity- so fun!!  I'm not big on anything adventurous that could possibly hurt me, so Big Jon & I didn't go play Airsoft...but I know Zach had a special day!
Lookin' a little too natural...
  Happy birthday, bud!!
(P.S. He normally doesn't smile in pictures.....I told him he better smile cuz he was gonna be on the blog!)
Glad you got hooked up with some cash, you can take me to lunch!!
We spent the rest of the evening celebrating sweet Chlo Chlo's birthday.  Here's the birthday girl!!
The girls take a break from playing to smile for Aunt Danielle's camera!
cousin Carsyn!
big sister Gracie!
big bro Kevin took everyone down in the jumper! haha!
Uncle Jon came to party!
 Entirely edible princess cake!
 She loved her baby! Haha, isn't she cute posing?
 Rockin' the edible crown....
 Happy Birthday to my precious niece and nephew,
Zachery & Chloe!!!!

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Rissy said...

aww how cute! I remember being that age and thinking my family members in their 20s were like the coolest people ever.

Think your nephew can spot me a 5? ; )