Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Braves Rainout=Great Dinner Date!

I LOVE baseball!!  I just really don't think there is anything better.  College football takes a close second, but I feel like it's become more about tailgating and getting drunk than the sport.  Baseball is just special...they don't call it America's past time for no reason!

A friend at school scored some awesome tickets to the Gwinnett Braves game last Friday & kindly gave them to me & Big Jon!! We headed down to the field after my pitching lessons on Friday afternoon, but the skies weren't looking so great.  When we walked in, this is what we saw on the field.  BOO!! (It brought back some really bad memories about the tarp from college!)
Check out the skies....yikes! They told everyone to take cover.
Check out the empty stands.
Big Jon rockin' it out with the umbrella.
 So sad it got rained!
 These were our club level seats....right next to the DUGOUT!!
 Ahhh, such great seats!!!
 We decided to get out of there before it started pouring.  It just so happened our friends Brian & Chels were at the mall of GA buying birthday presents for the babies, so we decided to all do dinner together instead.  Although we were super disappointed about not getting to take advantage of the awesome FREE tickets & sweet seats, we did really enjoy our dinner date with the Hall's.
 We had some yummy food at Macaroni Grill, and as usual talked for 3 hours after dinner! (Mostly about the possibility of an upcoming mission CHINA!)
Yea, we shut the place down!! We really are so thankful for our friends.  And maybe we can score some of those sweet tickets this summer.... :)  Ahhhh, summer, how I love theee!


Chels said...

I LOVE making the blog! Makes me feel super special!

We did have an awesome dinner date! I think we could all sit and talk for hours! So thankful for great friends like you and Jon Dean!
Love you!

Brittany said...

Wow a mission trip to China will be awesome!!!

Kae said...

Yay! You have become my favorite blog to follow! So sorry that the weather didn't work with you! Those were amazinggggggg seats!!!

Mission trip would be awesome!!