Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Madness: Time to Get Fit

Thank you to Dana & Brittney for inspiring me to get my routine back together. Honestly, I have to say this couldn't have come at a more stressful time, which is why I need to exercise more than ever!  Did you know that stress increases cortisol, which results in more belly fat (I'm sure you've heard the commercials!)??  True story.  I prefer a flat tummy, so I think I'll go ahead and dive on in to this challenge.  If you read my WILW post, then you know I'm just trying to keep my head above water for the next week.  But I have to be honest, I feel SOOO much better when I have some sort of workout goals/ a gameplan. So...

Here's what we have to do: Introduce yourself and your goals for March Madness. What do you want to see yourself accomplish in 4 weeks?

Who am I??
I'm Danielle. Wifey. SS teacher. Middle school business ed teacher. Pitching coach. Full time student (Specialist's.) And the list goes on...

What are my goals??
1. Work out as much as possible. Time is of the essence, so focus on INTENSITY rather than length.
2. Speaking of intense, do some INSANITY! Shaun T knows how to work out!!
3. Eat CLEAN. Since I won't have as much time to devote to working out as I normally do, I gotta eat clean. (I've posted this before, but in case you're a new follower, your "physique" is 10% genetics, 10% working out, and 80% diet.)  Real talk. Gotta eat clean!
 4. Hit up hot yoga at LEAST twice this month. Or go on some walks with the hubby.  I know that sounds minimal, but a goal is a goal. Better than nothing, right? YES!

5. Don't beat myself up if I don't make it to the gym. Get a GREAT night's sleep (starting AFTER all the upcoming overnight stuff with middle schoolers!) and enjoy the rest.

Being fit is not about looking good, (okay, maybe a little!) but it's truly about keeping your body healthy. You may appear healthy, but ya gotta get your heart rate up at least 4x a week to protect that bad boy (heart disease= #1 killer of I sound like a commerical or what?!?). AND ladies, ya gotta lift weights to increase your bone density. Osteoperosis? No thanks.  Not to mention, mommies/teachers, we wanna model healthy lifestyles and behaviors for our kiddos so they can grow up to be healthy adults. Monkey see, monkey do.

No doubt, March is full of madness for me. I'm glad I have refocused on my fitness, though. What a great reminder to me that our health should never be put on the back burner....So, what are you doing to GET FIT in MARCH???


Lindsey @ Magnolias and Gobbers said...

You are such a great motivator!

Ragan Rainey said...

You make Sean T look like a punk. I did pure cardio for the first time last night and I had to go to bed at 9!!! I can barely make it up the stairs today. We should get together and do will give you a good laugh. I gotta get my Jamaica body on!!!!!!

Rachael said...

Maybe after THIS baby I will magically want to work out and eat healthy. Maybe if I start trying to convince myself now!! ;)