Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We decided to have a first annual tacky Christmas sweater party at Dana's beautiful home this year.  We had a blast hanging with good friends, participating in a White Elephant gift exchange (we brought home a "grow your own herbs" kit), and eating some yummy food.  As usual, there were LOTS of laughs. Check it out!
Julie & Dana...
I cannot even take Brian seriously! And Chels' sweet outfit came from MeMaw, I believe, who probably wore a similar outfit last week to a real Christmas party.
We looked up some tacky sweaters online- they range from $40-$70....seriously????
How much do ya think we can get for this one?
He makes the mock turtleneck look so normal!
Mom found these GREAT sweaters at GoodWill and decorated them for us. Isn't she brilliant? She brought our ideas to life!
How did we NOT win?? So cute!
No one ate any of our candy canes....
Trying to get some action...hah!
Ole Scrooge....
The dogs that you can't see on Dana's vest are named "Daisy" and "Duke"- haha!
Peter won the contest with his elf costume.
All the ladies!
 Please note Ryan & Jon in this pic...two peas in a pod? I think yes!
We are so thankful for our tacky friends!

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Emily said...

great, fun tradition! love me some traditions for sure!!!!