Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Honeymoon: Day 5

We woke up around 8:30 on day 5 and headed to Bahama Bay for breakfast.  It felt like we'd been there for forever already, but we were enjoying every moment and so glad to still have three full days. 
I know they had to be rolling their eyes when we walked in cuz Jon seriously almost wiped the buffet out every time. I enjoyed letting myself slide a little and eating pancakes and french toast for breakfast- yum!!

I told you that by now we were regulars at Bahama Bay, so we got to know the staff pretty well.  They enjoyed taking our picture & pretending to be photographers with my sweet new camera. They always gave us specific posing/hat placement instructions as well....
After breakfast we headed back to the room to change into our bathing suits & head to the pool....
Apparently Jon's favorite angle...
We hung out at the pool most of the day people watching & listenin to the pool games, like "Name that Tune." Of course Jon had to take a pic with his new bud, "Strong Arm"...
At about 4:30 we headed to the room so we could get ready for yoga.  Jon & I practiced hot yoga for about 4 months last year, but it was so far away and so expensive we just kinda stopped.  Too bad, because we both LOVE yoga.  We talk about it all the time, so I knew I wanted to try it while we were on our honeymoon.  Jonathan especially needs it because his muslces are so big and tight he can barely put on his seatbelt. We headed to the spa and met up with the trainer Jesse, who apparently also has about 6 other names.  Stange man, but I really liked him.  Yoga was awesome!  It was only us two taking the class.  Small, nice studio.  He gave us both these super tight ab wraps that force you to engage your abs during every pose.  I could hear the velcro on Jon's wrap ripping during some of the more intense poses.  Jesse was really, really hard to understand, so the class was interesting- but he was a great instructor.  We started  off with a lot of basic poses & then went into some core work and ended with sun salutations to music.  He had some cold towels soaked in lemon water for our necks when we finished- very refreshing.  Class lasted for about and hour and half, & we both felt awesome afterwards.  I think paying that much attention to your breathing for a change is really good for you, and I'm a firm beleive that yoga is natural healing for the body- it just makes you feel so good! 

After yoga we headed back to the room & to our surprise our butler Stephen had left a bubble bath for us.
We cleaned out all the "plant life" & hopped in together.  It was a thoughtful touch from the butler & a GREAT way to end our yoga session.

After the bath we got ready for dinner and headed to Bahama Bay around 8.
Showin' off our bling!
Waiting on our delicious steak & grilled stuffed chicken.
The staff loved taking pictures of guests! It was so sweet...
After dinner we met a pretty cool newlywed couple from Maryland- Danny & Amy.  Amy is a special ed teacher at an inner city high school and Danny is a chirpractor.  We talked to them for a long time & eventually Danny revealed to Jon all of the issues with his body.  He has shoulder problems, back issues, and the beginning stages of either arthritis or carpal tunnel in his wrist- neither of us can remember.  He put Jon on the floor of the restaurant and adjusted him right there!  I couldn't believe how much he popped & cracked.  Too bad Danny doesn't live closer- he was really smart & obviously knew what he was talking about, so we would definitely use him.

It was really our first time talking with anyone other than the staff and we enjoyed the company.  We headed back to the room to watch a movie & get ready for day 6....lovin' the honeymoon!!

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