Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chelsi's ENGAGED!!

So....since she doesn't blog, I have the privilege of blogging about my best friend's proposal story.  Chad contacted me awhile back with plans to propose to Chelsi. He e-mailed me a picture of her gorgeous ring and the cute puppy (sweet Daisy, who is deaf, by the way)

 he bought to surprise her with. I was so EXCITED for her and honored that he asked Jon & I to be a part of the proposal. I was totally impressed...he came up with the coolest scavenger hunt around Athens and invited several of her favorite people to be part of the process.  We missed her brother, Ellis, & his girlfriend though.  We all met in a parking lot to pick up our cards (which had pictures of the two of them on the front, a sweet message on the inside, and a voice recorded clue to the next location for the scavenger hunt) and find out our destination.  He left a card for Chelsi at her condo with the first clue, which told her to head to the dorms where they first met freshman year.  (That's actually when I first met Chad, too.  Isn't it cool how God works?)  Her mom & dad, Scott and April, were waiting at Creswell for her with her next clue.  It led her to us at Mexicali, which is where Chels & Chad had their first jobs together, and where their friendship & relationship really grew.

 She was precious & smiling from ear to ear; and did a good job holding back the tears when she saw us.  I was snapping away with the camera.  Haha, she said "Can you please stop photographing me?" but I know she'll appreciate all those pictures.  We gave her the next card that sent her to the Arches to where her friend/roommate Emily & her fiancee Nick were waiting.  Their clue led Chels to Chad's parents where they often visit and walk the dogs.  Her final clue led her to the chapel at the Botanical Gardens in Athens.  It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day, and all of us gathered to wait for Chelsi's arrival.  Everyone hid down behind the chapel while Jon & I gave Chad a quick pep talk. 
 He seemed extremely confident and calm, but I'm pretty sure it was just a good front.  :)  He was pacing the woods while we waited,
& then we heard Chelsi yelling for him in the distance.  Jon ran to join the rest of the group while I "hid" (in my bright red dress- so elusive I know- but hey, it was game day!) behind a post at the chapel doors.  She totally saw me & called me out...haha.  Oh well, I wanted to be there to capture the moment on film and I did!  She gave Chad a HUGE hug and then he dropped to one knee...It was picture perfect (just wait till you see them).  I couldn't hear him, but I knew what he said because he told me what he was going to say before she got there.  I can't remember it verbatim, so I won't attempt to write it, but it was sweet. 

After she said "YES!" and put that stunning ring on her finger,
 all of their friends and family came out to hug & congratulate the newly engaged couple. 
 We walked around the gardens for a short while, talking, hugging, and taking LOTS of pictures, before heading to DePalma's to enjoy a celebratory supper.  The food was delicious and Jon & I enjoyed the company. 
It was such a special day, and Chelsi is absolutely radiating in the pictures. She will make such a BEAUTIFUL bride and I am so very excited for her and Chad.  They compliment one another really well, so I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for them.  I am so happy for my two friends.  Love ya both! HAPPY PLANNING!!

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