Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A new chapter

Every year when I start back to work Big Jon & I sing the "Back to School" song from Billy Madison.  He thinks it's really funny the way I sing it so I ware it out. :) 

Today was my first day back without the kids.  I cannot believe how quickly this summer went by, but I am really excited about starting school.  This year is bringing lots of new, exciting changes in my life.  I'm teaching a new curriculum- career exploration.  Have new yearbook staff.  Starting my Specialist in a couple weeks.  Getting a new last name (2 months from TODAY in case you were wondering!).  Buying a house (hopefully? ha!).  Having lots of upcoming shower fun with friends & family.  Becoming a wife.  And I get to go on my honeymoon! Woo hoo!! 

Like I said, I am super excited about all of this- definitely good changes.  Gotta stayed prayed up & keep the armor on...transitions can be tricky. 
Here's to another school year...and a new chapter.


Emily said...

did you buy that mat? with the random dog? haha

Anonymous said...

haha no....just had my picture taken with it. i think i'll have you one made for christmas with THE PARKER'S and that very same dog though! :)

Emily said...

whew...had me worried for a second ;) you know i totally want one!

Rachael said...

AHHH HAHAHAHA I just saw that Emily asked... I ALMOST asked but didn't want to hurt your feelings, I was just going to steal it off your porch one night and pretend I knew nothing about it's whereabouts. HIDEOUS!