Monday, August 30, 2010

My first shower!

Saturday was my very first wedding shower and I had a blast!! I am so thankful to all my friends and family who were able to make it & celebrate with us.  Tammie & Ragan came to the house and rode with me.  Actually, Tammie drove us all in my car so I could do my makeup on the way there.  I was running late- surprised, anyone?  I'm allowed to make an entrance because I'm the bride, right?  (I'm going to use that one for the next month while I can anyway.)  I decided I needed to do Insanity that morning, & then realized I needed to make a last minute run to Publix for...fingernail polish & remover! toes were hurtin' & I haven't had time for a pedicure, so, I got ready in about 30 minutes (that includes shaving, painting my toes, & blowdrying this OOC hair of mine!).  P.S. I broke my straigtener last week, so don't judge my hair in the pics...

Chelsi & her mom did a GREAT job hosting the first shower!  It was gorgeous.  April's house is beauitful anyway....but the food was so unique & delicious (as expeted).  What was on the menu?  I'll have to ask Chels b/c the only thing I can remember was the homemade cheesecake....oh my gosh! Just kidding, though it was to die for. Here's my version.  I know I don't have the names correct, but I'm sure she'll correct me. :)  Cold corn soup.  Lamb chops.  Cous-cous.  Lettuce wraps.  Watermelon & feta salad. Chile Meatballs. Spinach quiche.  Swiss cheese & grapes.  Sweet tea.  Apple crumb cake.  And pigs-in the-blanket & macaroni for the little girls.  I can't remember everything exactly, but it was wonderful!

After we ate we opened presents.  The gifts were awesome...everyone was so thoughtful & it was funny to me se see how well everyone knows me.  Of course there were things from the registry, but each gift felt so personal.  It was so interesting to see who chose what.  For example, Laura got me some baking utensils & Funfetti cake mix & frosting- my fave!!  Chelsi got me a coffee pot...she loves coffee, so of course she understands the importance of caffeine. Chelsea Hall chose the Hungry Girl cookbook (200 recipes under 200 calories)....she knows how I roll!  Ragan loves to bake & always makes rockin' desserts- she got me the cutest cupcake holder that she'll probably ask to borrow- ha!  And my sister Steph got me a basket full of goodies!  I LOVE to clean & I really love cleaning that laundry basket full of goodies- cleaning supplies, kitchen towels, & oven mits was definitely a huge hit.  My sister Tammie chose some stoneware bowls, some kitchen towels, & straws (it's the only way I can keep my teeth halfway white with my green tea obsession!).  I knew Dana's gift as soon as I saw it- an adorable monogrammed zebra basket filled with super cute goodies! She is SO creative! 

Kelly & Karen (so nice of them to come!) got picture frames & tupperware, and my nephew's girlfriends got us some beautiful glasses.  It was especially nice to see Bronwyn & Taylor- both new mommies that I haven't seen in a while, & I loved the glass drink dispenser, paper towel holder, & kitchen towels from these sweet girls.  Poor Donna (Jonathan's mom) was sick on the way there, but I was SO glad they were able to come.  They brought some pots and pans that Jimbo (Jon's dad) picked out for us...I loved them!  It was nice for them to be able to visit with my family & for some of the bridesmaids & my sisters to meet and spend time with his mom & sis.  I'm SO thankful they were able to be there.

After gifts we played Bridal Bingo!  May sound cheesy, but I LOVE Bingo!!  Seriously! When I was little, mom & I used to go play @ VFW on some Friday nights.  I love how redneck that sounds....but I really enjoyed it.  (I am so beyond blessed...I think I had the best childhood ever.)  Anyway, it was a big hit.  Dana won the first round (although no one would have known if Laura hadn't called it out for her! ha!), & Chelsea H the second while playing with her new BFF, Gracie.  I finally won the 3rd round (I get a little competitive with my Bingo!) with the word "namegay" (seriously?)....and Gracie proceeded to choke me out on the ground! Haha...

By the time it was over, my awesome friends already had my car all loaded up & ready & Chelsi was passing out her homemade chocolates as favors- yum!!! 

All such fun memories with wonderful family and friends.

Looking forward to the many more on the way!!

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Emily said...

wish I could have been there!!! sounds like it was a success! can't wait for the next round of showers :)