Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guest List Woes

The very worst part of planning a wedding, no doubt, is determining the guest list.  I mean, HOW are you honestly supposed to do it?  It has nearly killed me!  I haven't slept well since I've had to start narrowing it down...back in June!!  (And those of you who know me know I'm a sleeper, so you can imagine how this is taking a toll on me mentally & physically!)  I truly, genuinely, whole-heartedly LOVE so many people.  I wish I could invite EVERYONE I know!!!! (seriously!) Doesn't work that way.  I wanted a nice wedding, & this whole wedding industry thing ain't no joke- expensive!! So that means I have to limit my guest list (and by limit I mean around 395 invites!) There are people I want to be there but can't invite simply because....well, heck we're not millionaires! It just makes me sad. And feel guilty.  Very guilty.  Everyone keeps telling me not to worry about it, but yea right. 

You are probably thinking that number is outrageous, but keep in mind I come from a huge family.  There are 20 people in our little immediate family alone.  My mom is one of 6 and my dad is one of 10.  Jonathan's dad is also one of 10.  We both have lots of close friends, go to a big church, & I work @ a school. SO...I'm doing my very best, but I'm still feeling major anxiety about it.  I just wish this was simple- black & white- cut & dry.  I wish people could tell me ahead of time if they wanted to come or didn't.  I wish I was RICH just long enough for this wedding... :) cuz everybody knows....Mo' $, Mo' problems!  Hopefully people understand and no feelings are hurt, cuz it's really not personal, & trust me, I have lost sleep over it many nights.

I bet my parents are also doing some wishin' right along with me....wishing they had a daughter who didn't want to invite the whole world to her wedding, & maybe didn't have quite such expensive taste.


Rachael said...

Girl! I know what you mean.... you don't have to invite me. Seriously!! HAHA

Emily said...

you better invite rachael! :) i'm not coming though so that frees up an invite...just kidding of course! Kye's not coming, does that help? :)

Melissa said...

we are struggling with that too! We have gone through our list a couple times and plan on doing it again. Here is how I am making some of my decisions because I too have a very large family!If you are a friend on my list then we either A.) grew up together and we and our families are still close or B.) You are my friend who I make plans with, talk on the phone to, etc. I do have a bunch of girlfriends and guy friends from college that I would love to invite but like I said, if we aren't in touch then why bother? Ryan and I have also heard from friends who did an "A, B,C list" those on List A get an invite first! If someone from List A can not come then someone from List B will get their invite! We have considered doing this because we are trying to keep our list under 250....SO HARD! I'm with you though feeling guilty and wondering what THEY are thinking...it truly isn't personal it's financial! haha Get some rest pretty girl and just think long and hard on each relationship you have with that person on your list!