Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Those who know me well know I change my mind, alot.  Originally I agreed to Jonathan planning the honeymoon as a surprise.  He's never really been able to pull of a surprise so I thought this would be fun! (Not that he's not sweet and thoughtful, because he totally is...but he just gets so excited he can't hold onto anything or keep anything secret long enough for it to be a surprise- it's ridiculously cute!)  It was stressin' him out having to make such a big decision alone and nothing was getting done, so I changed my mind. :)  I started to help.  Hawaii is one of my very favorite places I've been, so I was thinking maybe there, but changed my mind.  I can't handle that long of a flight.  Plus, everything is way overpriced in Hawaii.  Then we decided on a bungalow over the water somewhere, maybe Fiji?...but I changed my mind again.  Who seriously wants to spend half of your honeymoon on the airplane?  FINALLY after talking to my friend Katie & hearing so many great things about St. Lucia from everyone, we decided on that.  No changing our minds!!!  Until....yea, I changed my mind again.  Well, maybe.

One of Jonathan's best friends, Keene, & his wife Jen recommended an awesome travel agent they used for their recent wedding & honeymoon.  This lady knows her stuff! After talking to her we were debating between St. Lucia, Antigua, Jamaica, & Great Exuma (Bahamas).  Jonathan researched for hours and hours- whereas you know me, I was ready to just "pick something."  I mean honestly, any honeymoon vacation at an all-inclusive resort somewhere in the Caribbean with the man of my dreams will be awesome, right? Apparently since The Bachelor was filmed in St. Lucia it's the new "honeymoon hotspot" and the prices have shot up because of the growing popularity of this destination. We decided we can get more for our money at another resort. So, after all of Jonathan's research & the help of the fabulous travel agent, we decided on.....drumroll please....

GREAT EXUMA, Bahamas!!!!!! 
(FOR REAL, NO changing my mind! Already booked it!)
 I love the Bahamas anyway.  I've been on several cruises to the Bahamas and last summer Jonathan & I traveled there with some of my favorite friends.  The beaches are beyond gorgeous and absolutely spoil you. 

The resort we're going to is a brand new Sandals resort (the best!) called Emerald Bay.  It used to be a Four Seasons, so of course it is super nice.  The travel agent described it as 'boutique-style' and 'high-end.'  Guess I'm going to have to leave our American flag bathing suits @ home and try to pretend we're classy! Haha... :)  It has one of the world's top-of-the line spas, which I'm super pumped about! Jonathan & I aren't into drinking or partying, so we're going to make this trip as romantic, relaxing, and pampering as we possibly can!  The coolest part??  We'll have our own BUTLER!!  (P.S. I'm dying to throw in a cheesy joke right here seeing as how my new last name will be Butler, but I'm resisting the temptation!)  Yes, our own butler that will unpack and pack us, have our coffee made every morning, set out towels for us at the beach and pool, pack a cooler, make reservations, just WHATEVER we ask!  It's got 5 killer restaurants, an AWESOME golf course (man, I wish I could play!) & theme nights- fun!  I think I'm most excited that it's only a 2 hour direct flight & the airport is fairly close to the we won't have to go on some long windy ride from the airport to the resort.  I get carsick & motionsickness.  I know that is so lame, but I can't help it, & I appreciate that little detail.

I know Jonathan is relieved to finally have this booked and we're both thrilled about the choice.  I am SO beyond excited about the honeymoon!!  We both really love to travel, and especially love the beach & anything tropical, but this is going to be so extra special.  Jonathan & I decided early on in our relationship we wanted to wait till we were married...
Well, there ya have it...Our honeymoon plans our finalized & official!  I couldn't be ANY happier with our decision....I think it's the PERFECT destination for us. Now I bet everyone will be DYING to read my honeymoon posts when we get back...haha!


Elizabeth said...

That looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I know yall are going to have an amazing time! Good for yall for waiting. That will make it even that much more special. If there is a place to eat there called Barefoot By the Sea go eat there! It is soooooo good. Sandals resorts are so great. I'm so happy for you!

Rachael said...

WOW it looks SO awesome. And ya'll are a good looking couple, you will be turning heads ALL over the place!! You are the couple I hate at the pool!! HAHAHAHA

You better take those flag bathing suits! Represent!!! U-S-A, U-S-A!

Aaaaannnnnd if you thought I wouldn't comment on the abstinence thing you thought wrong!!! BAHAHA!!!!

Tell pecan that that is not TMI. It is Biblical, and deserving of very high honor and praise. I am so proud of you, and I know I am one of MANY.

Can you please procreate on your honeymoon? I am ready for some perfect little baby Butlers!

PS I didn't know you got car sick. WEAK!!! haha just kidding.

Emily said...

WOW sounds wonderful!!! I've never been to a Sandals resort so I can't wait to hear all about know us we travel on the cheap! I think it's a good call about going somewhere's wedding gift to us was use of his frequent flyer miles to go where ever we wanted so we felt like we should go as FAR as possible since we'll probably never be able to afford to do that again! But 19 hours one way was NOT the best for a honeymoon (thankfully we had a pre-honeymoon for a couple of days to unwind before!). I can't believe that the bachelor makes a location so popular! RANDOM. And this whole butler thing is gonna be AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, It looks breath taking,
just as I know you are going to look on your
Wedding Day.
You and Jonathan are going to have the time of your life, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!
Love, Mama