Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Okay, so this is beyond sad, but so true.  One of the things I have looked forward to the most about being engaged (besides marrying JonJon of course!)....THE CAKE TESTING!!!  True story.  Last night we went to Celso's Cakes and enjoyed several yummy samples.  Check him out- he rocks. 
This is what we decided on.  Our cake will be four tiers.  Two tiers will be strawberry cake with chantilli cream and real strawberries.  Another tier will be vanilla cake with raspberry and cream filling.  The smallest tier will be almond cake with amaretto filling.  I LOVED this one, but it wasn't Jon, Mom, or Dad's fave, so I just chose this for the smallest layer.  Because we are having a dessert reception, we decided a 4 tier cake would be plenty. (Don't worry if you don't like sweets, we are having light hors d'oeuvres too!) AND, whereas most people freeze their top layer to eat on their 1 year anniversary, Celso will give us a free cake on our anniversary as long as we send him pictures of us cutting the cake for his website. Consider that done.  Woo Hoo!  Celso was going to send us home with a sampler platter, and against everything in me that was dying to say OMG YES, YES, YES, I declined.  We are, afterall, all on wedding countdown diet around here. 

I'm NOT a fan of fondant, so our cake will look something like this, only with ribbon instead of the iced pearls, and pink peonies instead of red roses.  Oh, and a big monogrammed B on top!
I think it's very classic & simple, yet elegant.  And I think it's different.  Most of the other cakes in the gallery looked pretty much the same to me, so I love that this one is unique.  I wanted it to be different, but not too eccentric...who wants to look back on their cake in 30 years and be like "What the heck was that?" So to me, this one is perfect! I'm SO excited...but a little disappointed the cake testing is over.  We may go somewhere else just for fun!!


Rachael said...

True story- I went to Celso's too! I loved his cakes, but we decided to use someone closer to Big Canoe.

Emily said...

True Story-I HATED my freaking cake. SO ugly! Totally wish I'd gone to Publix instead but this guy sounds legit ;) I'm proud of you for doing something wedding this summer! haha

Stephanie Cook said...

I love the pictures! You are very beautiful and Jonathan is very handsome! I'm glad you got your cake picked out! I am so excited for you and Jonathan! I love you both!

Rachael said...

True story, me, emily and danielle say "true story" a lot. HAHA