Monday, May 3, 2010

An Update...

No prospects on a house.  Back to square one.  And the search continues...

It's okay, we're not discouraged.  We know the Lord has a house for us somewhere- we just gotta find that bad boy!  I was thinking something along the lines of this...Minus the man on the front lawn taking pics!
"Now's the time to buy!"  Can't tell you how many times we've heard that! So, ya think we can get something like this for around 150K?  :)

Save the date pics are scheduled to be taken next weekend, so they'll be out shortly folks!  I'm sure you're standing by the mailbox with anticipation!! For real though, they should be super cute.  We couldn't do it this past weekend because 1) Love Loud weekend @ church 2) Big Jon needs a haircut & 3) My hair needs....well, to fade something serious!  I know you thought my blonde was totally natural, but I'm proudly admitting to my blog followers that I do in fact get highlights.  They're just a little bright this time.  I like to think of myself as a walking ray of sunshine!  (Need a mental picture? Google Heidi Montag. I'm rockin' her hair color!)

Booked church, venue, caterer, photographer, & one man band.  Scheduled premarital counseling.  Working on videographer & florist. Need to register ASAP.  And go to a cake tasting!  Is it sad that one of the things I have looked forward to my whole life about getting engaged is the cake tasting??  True story.  Sad but true.

In case you're really into wedding planning, here are some details for you to marinate on...


Smithgall Arts Council


Photographer: (Link to her blog, not official site)

Saxaphonist: (Is that a word?)
Mr. V- I teach with him @ Davis and he is FABULOUS! Picture to come...


May is turning out to be quite a BUSY, BUSY, BUSY month!  Davis Idol (yes, I'm singing a 3-part harmony with two of my best friends- in front of the ENTIRE school **over 1400 people! Who knew I could sing?!?!  Oh yea, I can't!  Any North GA softball girls remember when I used to sneak & get on the intercom at practice & sing a song about the solar system and of course the national anthem?  And then Coach D would make me run every time- never failed.), yearbook revealing/distribution, planning for summer camp, VBS, lots of family birthdays, Mother's Day, grades/end of school, house hunting, getting INSANE, Kevin's prom/graduation festivities, 5K, etc.

I'll be sooooo glad when June 10th rolls around and my days are FREE.  On this date I plan to revel in my career choice!! I will celebrate by getting a much needed pedicure and eyebrow wax (ha!) & going on a long walk with my favorite man on the planet (Jonathan, duh!). 

Jon's just been working & working out. Gettin' swol!  We've been really busy at church.  We have, however, been fortunate to spend lots of time here lately with some of our favorite people ever! Chelsea & Brian!  Chels & I went shopping last week while the boys stayed home & babysat.  Thank goodness for the major bonding time.  It just confirmed why I love her so much.  And I'm pretty certain the boys (well, they're pushing mid-life so I guess I can call them men) had a blast, too. It's truly a blessing to have such Godly friends that are as cool as we like to think we are, down to earth, and a lot of fun to be around.  We can all four testify that every time we hang out we all leave with a good ab workout & our cheeks hurting from the laughter!  I almost pee my pants every time we hang out with them because I get so cracked up...and I haven't done that college or something! (Haha, sad but true!)
Here they are!  I am such a creeper that I actually hacked Jon's Facebook & stalked Chels' page to steal this picture...So, for your viewing pleasure ladies & gentleman, Brian & Chelsea Hall.

Well, there ya have it.  The update on wedding planning/house hunting/a day in the life of JonDean & Dan (as our ring bearer likes to call us...) By the way, here's a pic of this handsome lil fella.  Wild man Brock!

And I just had to share this pic because it's such a typical Danielle face.
Of course I can't post a picture of me without giving you something realllllllly nice to look at, so here he is ladies!!
Don't worry, I think Jon is way better looking than his cousin, Gerard (who happens to be my favorite actor- but only because we will soon share a last name!).  Don't they totally resemble????  The picture I wanted to put of him is on his laptop, so I'll get it on here ASAP.


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Melissa said...

wow! You have accomplished a lot! I feel so behind!!!

Emily said...

1. you can click on MY signature and it'll take you to the site to do it for free ;) mine isn't that great but it's FREE
2. Brock is ADORABLE!!!!
3. Based on first impressions, I really really like Chelsea too and can't wait to get to know her better!
4. Are you gonnna go back in with low lights to fix the bright blonde?!? I can't BELIEVE it's not natural you LIAR!!! :)
5. You booked with Kristen?!? I'm so pumped!!! I think you'll really like her and she'll do an awesome job for your pictures!!! Can't wait to see the save the dates!
Love you!