Sunday, May 23, 2010

Top 11 Reasons I Tell My Friends Why I LOVE Jonathan....

1. He’s a spiritual leader! He reads his Bible, prays for me all the time, & is super involved @ church.
2. He can bench press three or four times my weight!! His muscles are AWESOME.
3. He drops me off and picks me up at the front door to places when it’s raining! He’s a total gentleman.
4. He always calls me sweet nicknames! I really love that.
5. He is seriously the funniest person I have ever met! I mean ever. He makes me laugh so hard…

(Don't be jealous of the stache and rat tail!)
6. He is super talented!! He can fix anything/everything. Rock out on the guitar. Beatbox. Grill. Trim my hair. Hit homeruns. Do magic tricks. The list goes on…
7. He is super great with kids….which means he’ll be a great daddy!
8. He is thoughtful and courteous and generous and has GREAT taste!! (Just sayin’…)
9. He knows me better than I know myself…and loves me anyway.
10. He's my best friend.  We can talk for hours.
11. Have you seen him??? Enough said.


Emily said...

#9 and #11 are my favs :) And I LOVE that goober pic of him with the stash haha. Such a cute idea!!! I may have to steal this one someday ;)

ragan Rainey said...

Your sleepies should be a deal breaker but Jonathan loves them..that alone means he is a keeper!

Rachael said...

Will there be a rat tail at the wedding? I vote YES