Monday, May 17, 2010


I know this post has been long awaited...the groomsmen!

Here they are, in no particular order...

Honorary Best Man: Jeremy Wehunt (RIP)
Best Man: Zack Anderson
Groomsmen: Daniel Cofield & Brian Adams
Brian again
Groomsman: Keene Flynt
Groomsman: Daniel Hollifield
The boys
Daniel, Daniel, & Bean
Groomsman: Michael Rainey
Groomsman: Brian Hall


Emily said...

wow...had to have the dead deer huh?!? haha!!! it's sooo freaky!!!! looks like a fun group of guys!!!!!!

Ragan Rainey said...

Does Michael know he is a groomsman? He said "all those hot bridesmaids are thinking who is gonna get stuck with the old,bald guy?" LOL! That's great that Jon is including his new brother!!

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

I know, I'm excited he gets to be a part of it. Of course I'd love to have all my siblings & the BEST sis-in-law EVER!!!...But I thought 15 attendants on each side was a little outrageous. :) I'm grateful to have such a fabulous family who I can be friends with too. Love ya~

Rachael said...

I have looked at these pics upsidedown and backways... WHAT DEER?!