Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dinner with Friends

We finally got to hang out with some of our favorite friends, Dana & Ryan! They are SUCH a cute couple! They just got married in October & seem so happy and perfect and in love!  We love spending time with them.  We ate at the Melting Pot- which is to die for!  If you've never been you just have to go...I LOVE it! And of course the waiters provide plenty of entertainment. ;)
She is so goregous! And she is always dressed so cute!!!
Our handsome boys talking about "guy stuff"....


Laura threw a surprise birthday dinner for Brian earlier this week, & we went to help celebrate.  He had NO idea- it was classic!  They are both in the wedding and some of our best friends. Jon & I love both of their families too, so we had a ball celebrating Brian's 27th!
Timmy, Bean, & Brian
The birthday boy & the love of his life!
Me & Big Jon look really pale compared to them...

Thank the Lord for good friends! 


Emily said...

WOW some beautiful friends for real!!!! And lucky you getting to eat Melting Pot...yummy ;)

Rachael said...

Oh gross, that second picture has WAYYYY to much pretty going on. Ya'll need to have kids and let them ruin your bodies HAHA

memorieshappen said...

I loved spending time with you! We had so much fun!! Laura - You and the bf are too cute! I love the blog entry!