Monday, March 22, 2010

The role of FAMILY

Everyone who knows me knows I have a wonderful, supportive, & loving family- and it is HUGE.  There are 21 of us when we're all together (& that's just "immediate" faimily).  I have 2 of the best sisters & a sister-in law who is just like a sister, & a brother I'm close to.  I love that I'm friends with all of my siblings- makes life so much more enjoyable.  And of course my 10 lovely/wild nieces & nephews.  Jonathan also has one younger sister, Jade, whom we have to thank for hooking us up.  Here's how they're all fitting in the wedding:

All my nieces are junior bridesmaids/flowergirls! It has been such a joy watching them grow up & I just can't WAIT to see them in their cute little dresses!  They are all such divas! (They get it honest-from their aunt! haha!)

Madison- Junior Bridesmaid
Morgen- Junior Bridesmaid
Gracie- Flower Girl
Carsyn- Flower Girl
Chloe- Flower Girl

All the nephews are ushers- I am so proud of these boys!
Jonathan's sister, Jade, is making the groom's cake!  He also has some family that own an awesome restaurant in White Co (I LOVE eating Christmas dinner @ their house!) & they're going to help with the cooking at the Rehearsal Dinner.

We're so blessed to have such GREAT families!

The Happy Couple

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Emily said...

what no little cards to ask the boys to be in it? haha! I love the multiple flower girl thing, it'll be PRECIOUS!!!!!