Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A few more pictures!

Although the pictures don't really do it ya go! My mom loves it just as much as I do, so we had our own little photo shoot before we went to the wedding.
And this is my excited face!
I'm glad I got my nails done!
You can see part of the Christian fish I was talking about here....
Isn't it goregous??

My favorite compliment:
"I have never seen anything like that!!"

I'll have to agree....I love that it's so unique.

And here's some of my inspiration as we begin the planning....

All I really know is LOTS & LOTS of PINK!!

Still got a long ways to go.  Well, everyting actually.  (And only 7 months to do it!) With a full time job, working out, pitching lessons, yearbook, looking for a house, teaching Sunday school, & starting my Specialist's in August, all I can say is THANK GOD for my Mama!!


Emily said...

WOW!!!!!!!! It's so so so pretty danielle! He did AMAZING! I love love love all the criss-crossing of the diamonds! I can't WAIT to see it in PERSON!!!! :) Tell J he did great :)

Emily said...


memorieshappen said...

Your theme song should be..."Pink is my favorite color" - I just remember that being popular from middle school! You know I love the details! Beautiful detail! I am sending pics now!

Rachael said...

More importantly than it being unique is what it means. I love it, a marriage that is already beginning with Christ as the center!! :)

And, the pink is so you, I love it!! :)