Monday, March 15, 2010

Dress, Dress, Dress!

On Saturday I found THE dress!!  I had a picture in my head of what I wanted and I expected this is what THE dress would look like. I was wrong.  Funny how things can end up so differently than you plan or expect.

My mom, sister, niece, future mother-in-law & sister-in-law, & one of the bridesmaids met with me at Affordable Bridal in Buford.  I tried on about 15 dresses.   We narrowed it down to 2 dresses at Affordable Bridal, but I never had that WOW feeling about any of them. I was getting hungry & a little tired, so we left and went to Charme Bridal at Hamilton Mill.

They have SO many beatiful dresses! And I love how elegant yet personal the boutique felt.  I think I tried on about 4.  When I saw the fifth one on the hanger I was thinking, "Ehhh, this one is not really my style."  I STRUGGLED to get in that size 6, so once I got it on I was starting to sweat & my face was splotchty- ha! As soon as I saw it I instantly felt the "This is the one" happy butterfly feelings people talk about on tv.  It reminded me of Wedding Barbie- which is not at all what I was going for, but it was BEAUTIFUL.

Everyone agreed that while the other dresses were pretty, this one was stunning!!  We called my dad to come check it out, & he loved it, too.  We were all wondering who had picked this dress out, but none of our crew could take credit for it. Turns out, the awesome sales associate, Lisa, (I loved her!) had picked it out! I guess she really knows brides!!

We ordered the dress that day and it'll be here in 5 months! I'm SO excited!!  I wish I could post pics or at least a link, but Big Jon reads this blog too (even if he won't admit it!), so I guess you'll just have to come see it for yourself on October 2nd!


Rachael said...

I love Charme Bridal! I can't wait to see your dress, I am sure it is more beautiful than I can imagine.

Tracey said...

Beautiful dress,stunning can't wait for everyone to see you.Fun day of shopping!Love,Mama

Melissa said...

I went to Charme's super close to my house! Loved the store but sadly did not have the luck you did. I did find one that I liked but not LOVED! I dropped your name to the lady helping me and apparently she helped you too...I can't think of her name! But anyways so happy for you and I can't WAIT to find my dress!