Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Talk about some wonderful, beautiful ladies....My bridesmaids are some of the best women I know! Beautiful, smart, successful, Godly, & fun! I saw this collage/invitation idea on someone else's blog, so I printed these out, glued them onto a super cute card/invitation, and wrote each girl a message on the back about why I wanted them to be a part of my special day.  Here they are, my 8 beautiful bridesmaids! (If I could have more, I would...I have LOTS of very dear friends!)

Meet my bridesmaids:

Chelsi and I have been best friends since 6th grade!  We grew up doing each other's make-up, writing notes to each other in class, spending the night with each other every weekend, going on vacations, etc.  We spent hours on the phone together.  She is so loyal and has been there for me through everything...She is a great listener and gives the best advice.  Chelsi is super independent and successful...she is truly a role model! And a GREAT cook! I love me some Chelsi!!

I met Dana in college, & thank God for her! She helped me make it through the education program, and we became best friends in the process.  I love her creativity & that she is genuinely one of the sweetest people I know....She's just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside!  She had an awesome wedding last October & was such a BEAUTIFUL bride!  I love me some Dana!!

I acutally met Emily on the bus in 5th grade, but we became good friends in high school our senior year.  We have become even closer since then, & I am SO excited to have her help me plan this wedding! She is such a brilliant planner- detail-oriented, creative, & a deal finder! And of course I LOVE our Danielle/Emily nights where we get to catch up & talk for HOURS!! She really gets me.  She's also a great wife & mother! I love me some Em!

God placed Laura & I together at Davis, & as soon as we broke the ice and started talking, we became instant friends.  Our friendship grew quicker than any I have ever had.  We spent a lot of time together last year and this summer, & we always have so much fun together.  I talk to her about EVERYTHING.  I LOVE that we get to spend time together at work & church.  She's a great accountability partner! I love me some Laura!!

Tay-Tay (sorry, had to bust it out!) & I were best friends in high school.  We spent almost every day and weekend hanging out with 'the crew.'  We typically got in trouble together, but have grown out of that! :)  Although we don't get to talk much anymore, I still consider her a great friend.  Every time we do talk & catch up, it's like we never missed a beat.  Taylor is the prettiest redhead I know! I love me some Tay-Tay!!

Katie was my catcher in college and one of my best friends.  Talk about a FUN girl!  OMG! Seriously, we spent all of our time together laughing hysterically until we almost peed out pants, running/working out like you've never seen, and of course, our favorite pasttime, eating.  She is the most multi-talented person I know- she can do everything!  My very favorite memories with Katie are from our trip to Hawaii!! I love me some Thrash!

Beth, Beth, Beth-a-licious! I love this girl! If you know her, you love her! She and I were pitchers together at North GA (Well, mostly she did the picthing & I cheered her on- ha!).  There was never a dull moment in the "pitcher's circle" with Beth around.  She is hilarious & so much fun! I love that she is always up for anything! She's really easy to get along with and super easy to talk to.  I have a lot of really fun memories with Beth- especially from our girl's trips with some of our other softball friends! I love me some Beth!!

I met Chels about 6 months ago (I work with her hubby & we go to church together) & we hit it off instantly and became great friends really fast! She is so honest, so humble, so real, & so fun! I love that she is always laughing and smiling, and she makes everyone around her feel at ease.  I thought she might think it's weird that I'm asking her to be a bridesmaid & I haven't known her that long (even though I already feel like I've known her my whole life!), but I feel like weddings are just as much about the future as they are the past- and I know she and I will continue to be GREAT friends!  I love me some Chelsea!!

Aren't they goregous? I can't wait to have 8 of my best friends standing next to me on one of the most important days of my life! I am so blessed with each of their friendships.


Emily said...

you should be proud...I didn't read this until AFTER i got my card in the mail! And obviously I'm THRILLED to get to be part of your special day! Thank you so much for giving me this honor! You're one of the few friends I have made that I know I will have for life and I love you so very much and cannot WAIT to see you and Jonathan begin this journey together!!! Ready for some PLANNING!!!!!!! yay!!!!!

memorieshappen said...

It's your turn!!! This is going to be so much fun! I am honored to see this chapter begin! You two are awesome and together God will move mountains! Love you lots!