Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bride-to-Be BOOT CAMP

I have approximately 6 months to get in the best shape of my life!!

Don't get me wrong- I am a healthy person.  I drink tons of water, eat super healthy (minus that dang sweet tooth!) work out regularly & maintain a consistent weight/pants size, BUT...I want to step it up a little for wedding day.  I consistently weighed about 10 lbs less in college than I do now (naturally- I also ran about 50+ miles a week!) and would like to work back toward that.  I was a little disappointed in the dress size I had to buy.  It's the same as my pants size, but one size smaller sure would have sounded better!  I have a few reasons for wanting to drop the extra weight:

1. My body fat percentage is about 5% higher than it needs to be.  So, for my personal health.
2. Sometimes when I look at pictures of myself I notice areas that don't photograph well- & I don't want those areas to be an issue when I look back on my wedding album.
3. I want to make sure I'm comfortable/confident in a bathing suit on my honeymoon.

My game plan:

-bump up my cardio- TRY to get back into running!
-stay away from sweets (as much as possible anyway) & replace with protein.

That's all! Doesn't seem so bad, does it? We'll see! I've already started with the protein (called Gold Standard, 100% Whey, double chocolate!) & I can already feel and see a difference.  I've lost about 3 lbs in the 2 weeks I've been taking it.

Jonathan has also been working out pretty steady for a while now.  That's one of our favorite things to do together, which probably sounds weird.  But, we actually enjoy it.  We go on long walks (power walks- ha!) in the summer, practice hot yoga in winter, & lift weights all throughout the year.  He is really blessed with a great physique and his strength & size increase really fast. I'm a little jealous of how quickly he sees results because I really have to bust my tail, but maybe our kids will get his great metabolism!  And really, how can I complain?  My fiance is HOT!

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chelsi tullos said...

Insanity actually works. I only did it once, but Chad does it a couple times a week and I can see rusults in him. He has been at it about 8 wks. I think it will work well for you. It is a ton of cardio so that should be good.